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Major TLC for your hair!

by Arun Shirishkar

 Use this spare time during the lockdown and make your tresses feel pampered. Payal Upase dishes out a few tips and tricks on how you can indulge in some haircare

Our daily hectic routine leaves us very little time to pamper and nourish our locks, due to which we often tend to ignore them. Due to the nation wide lockdown we all have a few extra hours to spare. Let’s find out how we can give our hair some major TLC while watching our favourite show online.

Oil those strands
A habit that has been vouched for, for generations now and is the ultimate secret to healthy hair, oiling. We tend to avoid oiling our hair as it is a tedious process. Now is as good a time as ever to indulge in those champis. You can use any oil of your choice, may it be coconut, olive oil, onion oil or your secret family concoction. 

Hairmasks for the win!
Most of us barely fit in time for a hair wash, let alone applying a hairmask which adds a minimum of 20 mins to our bath time. Hairmasks are great for the nourishment and health of your scalp as well as the length of your hair. Massaging your scalp while applying your mask also helps regulate blood flow and helps the mask to penetrate deeper. If you do not have any readymade hairmasks at your disposal, you can always DIY them. Crack an egg and apply the mixture for silky, smooth hair or you can apply the holy grail, aloe vera to your scalp and rejuvenate it!

Avoid using any heat
We are aware of the damage a heating tool does to our hair. However, we cannot run away from it in our everyday lives. The perk of living indoors can be that your hair doesn’t have to be perfect. You can ditch those styling tools and live the heat free, wild hair life!

Try to ignore overgrown roots
We all feel the need to cover up the greys, but the constant hair colouring can lead to a lot of hair damage. Try to ignore your roots for a few weeks and let your hair be free from all the chemicals. This may help your hair in repairing itself and reducing the damage that has occured.

Massage that scalp!
We cannot skip out on combing our hair and detangling it because we are indoors. Running a comb through our hair, at least once everyday, stimulates it. It helps your scalp by massaging it and improving blood flow which helps improve the health of your hair.

Expert tips
Schwarzkopf Professional expert and technical head, Melissa Hughe has shared some great tips on how you can manage your hair in the best way during a pandemic. “We tend to get lazy being cooped up at home all day and avoid washing our hair. It is essential for us to follow a good and healthy hair care routine as a part of maintaining our personal hygiene. Here are a few tips that will help improve the health of your hair:

  • Use cool water to rinse out the conditioner/treatment
  • Gently rub and massage your scalp while rinsing out both the shampoo and treatment to ensure no product residue is left. Avoid using your nails to rub your scalp.
  • Ensure you wash your hands frequently to avoid transmitting germs to your scalp and hair.
  • Make sure you keep your hair tied by using accessories like hairbands/scrunchies /clips to keep your hair away from coming in contact with your face.

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