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Make-up Tales!

by Professional Beauty India

Make-up plays a vital role in establishing a character in any movie, serial or theatrical act. There are different types of make-up for movies, stages, ramp walks and TV shows. Priyanka Parshurami gives you an insight into the evolution of make-up in the Television industry.

In today’s world, make-up is part of a woman’s lifestyle. It helps to enhance one’s personality, improves self-confidence, and helps with experimenting with different looks. Make-up trends and tricks have evolved over time.

Earlier foundation, liner, kajal and mascara were used in the day-to-day. Today different styles of matte, HD, natural- and water-based make-up are used.

And the television and movie industry are the trendsetters in make-up, and the current trend points to the natural look. The technique of natural make-up helps in establishing a particular role or character in a TV serial or movie. The look that make-up artists create with their brushes and palettes is responsible for winning the audience over.

Jaywant Thakrey, Bollywood Make-up Artist, says, “There is a lot of difference between normal make-up and the one for television and movies. In TV and movies, the make-up is in sync with the character of that particular artist.”

He further adds, “In TV and movies, we do proper look tests for the characters based on the inputs from the director about the character i.e., whether a person is playing a villainous role or a protagonist, a rich person or a poor person. The main aim of make-up in TV and movies is that the character should look 100 per cent natural. And it’s the moral duty of each make-up artist to do 100 per cent justice to it.”

Right training

In spite of the make-up artists flourishing at these different platforms, there are no institutions or academies that teach commercial or TV and Movie make-up to these artists, which will help them enhance their skills and career a level above the rest.

“There should be a dedicated course for make-up artists aspiring to make a career in make-up for commercials or TV and movies. As the basic and utmost important step for any good and impressive make-up is preparing the skin beneath the make-up. Because if the base and foundation of the makeup are strong then the makeup will do wonders. Hence, it is very important for the make-up artist to learn how to make this foundation strong to help establish a character on screen,” says Unnati Singh, an International beauty educator and celebrity make-up artist.

Hence, a successful make-up artist is one who has a strong understanding of what types of cosmetics are best in a particular situation, depending on weather conditions, temperatures and skin types. They will know how to enhance a person’s look to fit the role and help the actor bring that character come to life on the silver screen.

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