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Men’s Grooming

by Professional Beauty India

The world is changing and so are men! Don’t you agree?

With time changing we have seen drastic changes in men’s grooming routines and how they have become so specific about what all products they are using and they keep themselves more up-to-date than before. The whole men’s grooming industry has drastically taken a high curve which has made men more cautious of what they are using according to their skin type. There’s a lot of stigma around male grooming.

But in today’s society, it’s simply not acceptable to be scruffy, smelly and unkempt. So catch up, men! Men’s grooming industry now encourages them to buy grooming products and make world peace for themselves in terms of appearance.

You’ve got the outfit picked out, you’ve bought the flowers–you even swung a reservation at that hot new restaurant nobody can get into. But to bring your date night A-game, there’s one pretty crucial thing on the to-do list that no self-respecting man can skip–grooming. While you may not be down for hours of primping, we’ve got a few easy ways you can look fresh af–without trying too hard.

Today, we will share a few tips with you on how you can catch up with your hustle routine but also maintain yourself in your appearance.

Visit a salon:
Salon is always the right place to go to relax and groom yourself. It can help you to feel the leisure of the spa and look better at the same time. Add a little armchair while there and sit back and while relaxing have a haircut and mani-cure to yourself.

Try a few men’s grooming products

In your daily routine, there are a few men’s products that you should be using in your grooming routine, which can help you to look better of course but feel better as well within yourself.

For years women have had options in their skincare category be it a face wash or a scrub but so do men. According to every skin type be it oily or dry we have it for men too now. We recommend men stop using soap bars and start using face wash and we are sure most of you do.

Facial skin is more sensitive (yes, even on a man) and deserves to be treated with gentler ingredients that will help it stay smooth, acne free and protected from razor burn.

Beard balm:

A beard used to be just an excuse to be lazy by not shaving–but not anymore! Beards are in style but they need to be well cared for, clean and sleek. A beard balm is a great way to keep those beard hairs in check, as well as moisturise the skin underneath.

Hair Pomade:

Gel is old news for men’s hair as it makes things sticky. The new way to keep hair in line is by using a pomade. But don’t use too much as that can make things pretty greasy.

Bro Mask:

That’s right, this is a facial mask for the guys! Specially formulated with serums and botanical specifically created for the man’s skin

Weekly shampoo routine:

Your hair should have a well-conditioned, manageable look. On the day itself, shampoo the hair and rinse it well with water. Then apply a few drops of conditioner, massaging it lightly into the hair. Wash off with plain water after 2 minutes. Or use a leave-on conditioner or hair serum. Many hair grooming preparations, like creams and gels, are also available. These impart a high degree of sheen to the hair, but they can also make your hair look greasy. Avoid using too much. In fact, try out new hair grooming aids in good time.

What about make-up? Why not? Men’s make-up should be subtle so that others don’t know about it! Use cosmetics with a matte (non-shiny) finish. Use compact powder of a beige shade to achieve smooth skin. Avoid pink! To cover blemishes, take very little foundation on a fine brush and apply it on the blemish or pimple mark. Then use compact powder or foundation that is close to the colour of your complexion. If you have a beard or moustache, avoid applying foundation on those areas.

These days, men do not shy away from treatments to look their best, more so on special occasions and party nights. Timely preparation always helps, so start a day or two before the gala occasion. For instance, have your haircut a few days in advance so that the style settles in good time. Have a manicure at a men’s salon. Dispel the idea that this is a feminine pastime! Professional salon treatments for the hands would help to make them look clean and a well-groomed man. So, not just women but we believe in empowering men too.

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