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Mono-dose for the win!

by Arun Shirishkar

The salon industry is testing waters in different ways to bounce back. Opting for mono-dose kits is one of them. Purnima Vasaikar deciphers how beneficial it is for the salon and its clientele.

The salon industry is facing a hard time to bounce back to its expected footfall. Right from discounts to aggressive social media marketing, the salons are doing everything in its wake. Adjusting to the new normal, salons have started using mono-dose kits for their clientele. Let’s have a look at the upside of its usage.

Without any doubt, hygiene has become the top priority in the salon sector. Aiding to this virtue, mono-dose products have proved to be a saviour. It helps in keeping cross-contamination at bay thereby keeping your client safe.

Potent and easy to use
What makes mono-dose to be a salon favourite is the easy usage. The directions are set straight and it is a no-brainer. If the product requires any complicated process, the professionals are given a guide which sets the mark straight. 

Increases client’s assurity
As the products are made for a single consumer, it reduces the risk of cross-contamination. This ensures your client that you as a salon, care for them and have opted for safe alternatives. It increases their assurity which at the moment is very crucial.

Reduces wastage
The packs are filled with quantities that fulfill the needs of one customer. This helps in reducing the wastage of product which otherwise would be more than what was needed.

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