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Movember Anecdotes: Tips for grooming the mustache and beard

by Arun Shirishkar

#NoShaveNovember – popularly also known as Movember – is a month-long campaign to grow awareness and raise money to fight cancer. The Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event every year for fund raising. It is that time of the year where men put away their razors, scissors, and trimmers on rest for a month, and grow facial hair. What could be a better time than this to reach out to a variety of cosmetics available for beard grooming! Team Professional Beauty India connected with men’s celebrity stylist Darmesh Hingorani (DoDo), for tips on grooming the moustache and beard. Excerpts from the conversation:

This is one of the most important and integral aspects of beard grooming. Serving a dual purpose, beard oil not just softens, nourishes, and hydrates the beard, but also moisturises the skin beneath it. Consistent application of the same can result into good beard growth.

In a country like India, where the climatic conditions are hot and humid, getting the beard washed on daily basis is of utmost importance. Use hot water, as it eradicates all the dirt, impurities, and dust from the beard.

These days, a lot of men-specific grooming brands offer a good range of organic and cruelty-free shampoo. Considering the usage of this range aids in keeping minor infections and rashes at bay, offering a shiny and soft beard.

While using beard butter helps in maintaining a soft and coarse-free beard, the beard wax assists in giving a proper shape to the beard. Men can also consider using wax for a strong, easy, and flexible styling of the moustache. Technically, if the moustache is just growing, start twisting it in the desired shape and then use the wax to prevent it from merging with the beard or falling on the lips.

Diet plays a vital role in not just hair or beard growth, but also to maintain an overall look and personality. And having healthy facial hair – moustache and beard – adds to the overall identity and personality of an individual. It is important to have lots of greens and proteins as a part of the everyday diet to maintain a healthy and lustrous beard.

So, for all the men out there, follow these tips to flaunt your beard and moustache and celebrate this month for a Nobel cause.

Professional Beauty India wishes you all an incredibly Happy International Men’s Day.

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