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Nailing the perfect arch placement for nail techs

by Professional Beauty India

Nail tech Tinu Bello explains how to get your arch placement right.
When it comes to acrylic nails, arch placement really is everything. It’s the foundation to strong enhancements that clients will want from you time and time again. However, getting the arch placement right is probably one of the toughest things for nail techs to achieve. Colour Riot Nails founder Tinu Bello gives us the lowdown on understanding the arch to ensure you get accurate apex placement.
Where should the arch placement be?
“Your arch placement should be in the middle of your client’s nail, known as the stress zone (aka the apex). It should transcend nicely from the cuticle to just over the free-edge and shouldn’t be too high or bulgy,” explains Bello. Correct apex placement requires the acrylic…
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