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Nalini Naegamvala backs beauty education for the underprivileged

by Professional Beauty India

The Nalini Naegamvala supported endeavour of training underprivileged girls in the art of make-up gets underway at Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin Salon, Bandra.

Nalini Naegamvala, the doyen of India’s salon industry, has always been a champion of education. She has played an instrumental role in transforming not just the salon sector but also the industry’s education and training segments, and has been responsible for an entire generation of hairdressers who have learnt the art under her guidance. Today, she may be away from day-to-day workings of the salon but she remains as passionately invested in the cause of education as ever.

As offline education comes back in form post the pandemic, Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin Salon, Bandra, has announced the restart of their hairstyling and basic beauty course. This course is especially designed for underprivileged girls and women who want to learn basic hairstyling and beauty courses to get a headstart and chart out a career and an independent life for themselves.

Speaking about the course, she said, “Over the years, I have witnessed so many stories of women and girls working from ground up with the help of proper education, it is simply overwhelming. I have had women working as cleaning staff, join our courses, benefit from it and have successful careers today. They are able to raise their children well, earn a good living and be independent. The passion and potential they have is astounding. And it is our privilege to help them with proper education.”

The salon will also start its Hair and Beauty Assistants Course shortly. More details are available on the salon’s Instagram page @nalininyasmin.

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