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New-age bride: trends, hair, make-up, the works!

by Arun Shirishkar

Industry gurus talk about the best hair and beauty hacks for the new-age bride.

Planning your wedding look could be stressful! Luckily, we have these industry experts to amp your bridal beauty game, as you walk down the aisle.

Raising the bar

In a world full of trends, bridal make-up artists need to be wise enough to work around the bride’s features and personality. Agreeing to this celebrity make-up artist, Pallavi Symons, says, “Trends should never be followed blindly. A make-up artist should be considerate to use the trends in ways that benefit the bride’s final look and never impose his/her skill or creativity on the bride. The wedding day is NOT a day to experiment!”

Prepping up

Always use a primer before the application of base. It truly protects the skin, makes the application of foundation smoother and locks in moisture for a longer period of time.


For the Indian market, Pallavi recommends playful jewel-tones like deep blue, emerald and amethyst for eye shadows. The sangeet ceremony, which is the one event that a bride can be playful, is a good pre-wedding function for make-up experimentation. For the traditional part, there is the safety of bronzes and golds and silvers (if they are not dulling), wrapped up in plums and pinks.

Dreamy ‘dos

Unlike international trends, the hair cut trends in India for bridals are strictly long, gorgeous hair, often with extensions. Very few brides are willing to consider going short. Long hair also gives the hair stylist a lot more options in terms of styling, especially since brides in India have multiple functions and need different styles for each.

Adding to this Bina Punjani, Art Director, Bina Punjani Salons, Academy & Bridals says, “Styling tends point at upstyling for the wedding, and down styles for events such as sangeet and reception. Waves, curls and braids are quite big (and timeless), but we are are also seeing interest in various kinds of elaborate ponytails, knots (such as french knots and top knots) and crimped hair. In terms of colour, subtle highlights are recommended, as they give more definition and flow to hairstyles.”

Pro hacks

Lipsticks brighten up a make-up look instantly. However, make sure to pick the right shade. A bride might feel uncomfortable wearing bright colours. “It is important to use a colour before hand to see how one feels in it. Having said that, I would encourage experimenting with duo colours. They really pick up a makeup look. So anything from deep or bright reds all the way across the fun spectrum to nudes may be used. Indian skin is ideal for colour because of the general golden tones,” shares Pallavi.

Highlighters are great, but one should be careful in using them, as they can make the face look more rounded. But, when applied exactly on the high planes of the face, they look extremely elegant and pretty. It’s advised to opt for the highlighters, which are close to the bride’s skin tone.

Word of caution

In terms of hair products, Bina rounds off by sharing that repeated and unplanned product use can really damage the hair. “If I had to give one piece of advice, it would be to figure out the right quantity of product to be used. Under use makes the style collapse soon, while overuse hardens the hair and makes it plastic-ky looking. Also, plan product usage and styles wisely if the bride has multiple functions on the same day,” she cautions.

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