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New revolutionory hair care brand k18 launches in india

by Professional Beauty India

The US-based brand promises to be a game-changer in the hair-care industry Enters leading Salons in India

Revolutionary US-based haircare brand K18 marks it’s India entry this month, following a phenomenal launch across salons in US & Europe. Bringing Biomimetic Hair science to haircare with breakthrough technology, the highly researched formulas are proven to restore damage in just 4-minutes by rebuilding keratin in the hair for instant results. K18 ventures into the Indian subcontinent in partnership with Mk Exim India limited in India.

Founded by tech industry veteran Suveen Sahib and beauty veteran Britta Cox, K18 offers a uniquely scientific approach to hair care, which is ready to bring about an additional category and become the disruptor in the Indian market. The K18Peptide™—clinically proven to reverse hair damage in 4 minutes—was developed by applying computational models with sequence analogy used in biotech to the molecular structure of human hair. The peptide, a unique amino acid sequence, works on a molecular level to restore hair back to like-new strength and elasticity. By reaching the innermost layers of hair and reconnecting broken keratin chains—a result of bleaching, chemical services, and heat damage—the peptide provides lasting renewal instead of temporarily patching damage like more traditional cosmetic chemistry products on the market.

Speaking about the launch, Suveen Sahib, Founder of K18 says,” We are truly excited to bring K18 to the Indian market. The brand is excited to reach a new audience through this expansion in India, educating consumers about why the science behind hair not only has a place in their self-care routine but is ushering in the next era of hair health. We believe hair is everything. Our biotech treatment allows for a new freedom of expression that comes with having healthy hair—and we believe all hair types and all people should be able to access that true renewal. If you love hair, you’re our person, end of story.” 

From the brand’s official launch in 2020, K18 has been championed by renowned members of the professional haircare community and has since garnered a cult following through a roster of A-list celebrity fans and haircare advocates. The brand touts many stylist ambassadors including Yusef Williams, Priscilla Valles, Linh Phan, Aura Friedman, and Eric Vaughn. Beginning in the salon as a pro-first brand, the K18 in-salon service is used and sold in 20,000 salons in over 100 countries. K18 is launching in India with an in-salon hair care treatment and also at-home product which includes – a professional leave-in hair mist, mask treatment and a leave-in molecular repair hair mask.

“ We have tested K18 extensively in all the top salons across India and the response has been phenomenal. K18 is a disruptive, results-driven brand that is focused on solving hair damage for clients of all hair types and textures, and we are so excited to introduce them to our hair community in India. It is time for a major shift in the hair environment and we are ready to witness that with K18.” added Manish Dialani, Managing Director at Mk Exim India limited.

Confirming the brand’s effectiveness, Hair Artist at Jean Claude Olivier- Elton Steve said that he had used the product and tested it on every hair type, with all chemical treatments and the results have been astounding! Maleeha Jafferbhoy, Style Director of Jean-Claude Biguine Salon & Spa India added that K18 is a professional unique designed repair formula for all type of hair to live without boundaries.

The in-salon treatment can be availed at Jean-Claude Biguine Salon & Spas in Mumbai and Bangalore, and Looks Salon in North India. The at-home products will be launched on the K18 India website from 18th February 2022.

About K18:

For years, traditional cosmetic chemistry was the hair world’s answer to damage. It was a band-aid solution, that was covering up the problem instead of correcting it. Until now, hair care products have fallen into two categories: conditioning treatments or repair treatments, both only offering temporary results. So instead of building our brand on the buzzwords and beliefs of the past, we took the radical path of biotech to develop K18 Hair and ended up busting a few hair myths along the way to create a truly revolutionary new category in haircare.

After spending a decade in the lab scanning and testing all amino acid sequences, covering the entire keratin genome that makes up hair searching for a breakthrough, we discovered one unique sequence that brings damaged hair back to its original, youthful state – our patented K18 Peptide™. Stylists, colorists, and hair expressors in 101 countries and counting, no matter their hair type, rely on K18 to liberate their hair. This breakthrough gives professionals a healthy hair canvas to create without boundaries and at-home users hair that actually looks and feels like new.  The hair community loves its radical simplicity—and that it just works in 4 minutes.

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