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Beauty moves toward ‘sub-zero waste,’ says Mintel

by Arun Shirishkar

As per a report published on ProfessionalBeauty.co.uk, the beauty industry will be taking sustainability seriously in 2019. Analyst Mintel names ‘sub-zero waste’ as 2019’s most important global beauty movement.

Supported by consumers’ growing consciousness of the impact of natural disasters and dwindling natural water resources around the world, Mintel predicts that efforts will be focused on more than plastic-reduction initiatives moving forward. Instead, the analyst says beauty and personal care brands will develop innovative ways of managing true sustainability at every step of the supply chain.

Given the zero-tolerance attitude towards plastic wastage of increasingly better-informed consumers, brands that take this approach are likely to be the ones that succeed in the market, as opposed to those that create single-use beauty products in disposable packaging.

Mintel forecasts backlash in the industry for companies that ‘encourage overconsumption’, with consumers demanding transparency and accountability for brands’ environmental actions.

Andrew McDougall, associate director of Mintel’s Beauty & Personal Care division commented: “‘Sub-zero waste’ is not just a trend; it’s a movement towards a ground-shaking new archetype for the beauty and personal care industry.”

“Some companies are already discussing completely removing packaging from the equation. Whether reducing or eliminating waste altogether, if brands don’t change their approach now, they will become insignificant. Brands that place current profits ahead of making the necessary investment in zero waste and sustainability will not be around in the future.”

“…Consumers today are paying a lot more attention to their impact on the planet and climate change calls are more drastic than ever before. A bigger-picture focus is needed throughout the beauty and personal care industry supply chain for a true zero waste mentality.”

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