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How to stand out as a MUA!

by Arun Shirishkar

Makeup artistry as a profession is a tough shell to crack. Payal Upase brings you a few tips that will help you grow and excel in this profession. The team at Professional Beauty India brings to you a two day event, Makeup Week 2020, that will help you understand the industry better and bring to you experts from across the globe under one roof. 

Makeup is a form of art. It takes skill, perseverance and practice to master it. But in a time where more and more people choose to follow their passion for makeup artistry professionally, one has to put in extra effort to stand out and make a mark in this booming industry. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you out with just that.

1. Seek official education and training
Just like any other professional field, it helps to be a certified makeup artist as well. Getting proper education from an academy that is credible and has goodwill gives you an edge above the others. Learning with great faculty will help you strengthen your basic skills. It will also be of help in making contacts and getting opportunities that may be tougher to get on your own. Some great academies to learn makeup would be MakeUp Designory, Marvie Ann Beck, Namrata Soni School of Makeup, FatMu, Asha Hariharan Academy, etc. 

2. Establish your brand
You as a makeup artist need to present yourself as a brand. Choose the one thing that sets you apart that will attract clients and also be your unique identity. A client should be able to distinguish your brand from the other makeup artists.

3. Quality > Quantity
Your strongest weapon along with your skills is also the makeup you use. It is absolutely essential to be hygienic and also ensure that you are using makeup of good quality. It is okay to have a limited number of eyeshadow palettes, what is more important that they are of good quality. Sanitizing your brushes between clients is absolutely necessary. The key to retaining your clients is maintaining the quality of their skin and maintaining a clean practice. Promoting the steps you take to maintain a hygienic environment for your client can be a great way to also attract new ones.

4. Tap those social media channels
Every business is now listed on social media sites, why shouldn’t yours be there too? Social media presence is key, especially with makeup. It can be a great tool to show your audience the makeup looks you create. You can also use an aesthetically pleasing feed as your portfolio. Let your creative juices flow and display them on social media. This also helps you in spreading the word about your brand and reaching out to a wider audience.

5. Assist and associate!
Assisting already established makeup artists in their assignments at the initial stage will help you practice your skills under expert guidance and also help you meet potential clients. Associating yourself with salons and academies helps you gain goodwill and also helps you reach out to the masses. It gives you an opportunity to travel, meet new people and explore your creativity. 

Learn all this and so much more at the second edition of Makeup Week 2020 on the 23rd and 24th of March, St.Regis, Lower Parel. We hope to see you there!

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