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It’s time to pamper not damper your skin!

by Arun Shirishkar

Working from home whilst a lockdown sure does give us a tonne of spare time. Payal Upase is here to assist us with making sure we steer clear from damaging our skin while doing our skincare during this self quarantine

India is officially on a lockdown until the 14th of April to contain the spread of COVID-19. While being indoors for such a long period of time might be difficult, it is the best time to do all your skincare pampering. However, we need to be mindful of what we do to our skin to make sure we do not end up making our skin worse. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid rooky errors and prevent your skin from damage.

Do not skip out on sunscreen!
Skin experts across the globe have constantly reminded us about the importance of sunscreen in our day to day lives. You may have successfully incorporated sunscreen in the daily hustle bustle of your life, but do not skip out on it while home. Studies suggest that sitting indoors also causes skin damage as natural light infiltrates through all of our homes. To prevent damage, it is absolutely necessary to not skip out on sunscreen even when in self quarantine mode!

Avoid overwashing
While washing your face with your facewash may help you feel refreshed and snap you out of your lethargy, it isn’t the best thing for your skin. Excessive usage of facewash will strip the skin off its natural oils. This results in excessive oil and sebum production, which could lead to an acne breakout. Washing your face twice a day with your facewash is more than enough and does the job. For an instant pick me up spray your face with some rose water instead!

Say no to daily exfoliation
While scrubbing and exfoliating are great for your skin, they do more damage than good if done everyday. Scrubbing your face everyday can cause micro tears on your skin. Using chemical exfoliants on a daily basis could lead to burns on your skin and lead to irritation and cause your skin to breakout. Exfoliating or scrubbing your skin once every week does the job and helps in unclogging pores and helping you get rid of dead skin.

Skip out on daily masking
Who doesn’t love a good mask to cleanse their skin and feel refreshed? But just because you are home and have more time to spare, masking everyday will do no good. Using clay or at home DIY masks everyday will irritate the skin and lead to spouts of acne. Sheet masking everyday is an exception to the rule. But other than that peel off or clay masks everyday are a complete no no. 

Steer clear of overdoing skincare
While this free time may be the best time to use your skincare stash, it may not be wise to do it all at once. All the products may not suit your skin and may result in severe breakouts. Using that new toner, essence, serum and scrub in one day will do more bad than good. Space out these products and use a new one every two days for optimal results.

We need to remember to wash our hands daily, stay indoors and stay safe while pampering ourselves.

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