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Kryolan launches its second flagship store in Mumbai

by Professional Beauty India

Kryolan’s newest flagship store, located in Malad, is home to 5000 products and allows customers to explore the world of science in make-up.

Kryolan, a German-based global professional make-up brand, has opened its second flagship, stand-alone store in Mumbai. The store, which is located in Malad, is 750 square feet in size and houses over 5000 products. The newly opened store will provide professionals and artists with the opportunity to experience the brand’s marquee collection in a sophisticated setting. The new store, which combines science and make-up, is also the ideal location for makeup enthusiasts to discover Kryolan’s extensive range of foundations, tools, and SFX products. The inauguration of the store was done by Wolfram Langer, Managing Director; Malgorzata Langer, Executive Director; Madhivanan Ramaswamy, CEO, India; Sebastian Langer, Managing Director; Dominik Langer, Managing Director; Nadine Langer, Head of Marketing Communications and Editor-in-Chief of M.U.I Magazine; and Skadi Langer, Managing Director, Kryolan Logistics.

Kryolan’s Malad store is the company’s ninth in India, with another set to open in Chennai. Each Kryolan location has in-house testers, which is a feature that appeals to the company’s target demographics. Kryolan, a subsidiary of Berlin-based Kryolan GMBH, has already made significant inroads into the Indian cosmetics industry, as evidenced by its 100-plus distributor network across the country.

Wolfram Langer, Managing Director, commented on the occasion, saying, “We are thrilled to launch a stand-alone store in an up-town neighborhood – Malad, Mumbai. Kryolan is a celebrated brand in the professional make-up space for binding science and beauty. The brand has truly carved a niche for itself globally by being a leader in the professional make-up industry and bringing smart innovations that support the evolving needs of artists. With more awareness among consumers about make-up and beauty, especially in a large market like India, we see a need to be available a step closer to them to cater to their needs and also handhold the consumers. We are confident that we will add more flagship stores across key locations/markets in India very soon.”

Every day, a large number of artists and professionals in India use Kryolan products. The company has strong ties with several artists in the Indian film industry as well as those affiliated with film academies. Kryolan, with its six fields of competencies – theater, cinema and TV, SFX, body art, fashion and consumers – has carved out a niche for itself as a forerunner of newer perspectives in the domains of performing arts and lifestyle habits.

Arnold Langer, a chemistry student sufficiently influenced by 1920s Berlin artistic expressions, founded Kryolan in 1945 in Berlin, Germany. Since its hopeful beginnings 77 years ago, Kryolan’s mantra has been ‘makeup is a science.’

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