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Metro cities, the new capital for male centric salons?

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The male grooming sector is booming and grooming men with products and salons being made specifically for their special needs. More and more companies are cashing on this niche which is on the rise in the Indian grooming industry. Two new male centric salons in the country are creating buzz and bidding in this rapidly growing space.

Be it Truefitt & Hill’s latest outlet in South Delhi or Mantastic – The Barber Shop in Mumbai, the men’s grooming business is looking at an encouraging surge in interest across the country. There isn’t a better time for male-centered salons and products to make their big bid in the market space. Here’s a look at these two newly launched men’s salons.

Truefitt & Hill, South Delhi
Truefitt and Hill (TF&H) have launched their second outlet in New Delhi. The luxurious salon, situated in GK-2, is spread over a 1200 sq. ft. area and provides a variety of men’s services including royal or classic shaves, haircuts, manicures, pedicures, head massages, facials, hair colouring, etc. The salon features classy interiors, including mahogany wood and chic blue wallpaper with five barber chairs, one manicure pedicure chair, and two foot-spa chairs. TF&H is globally renowned as one of the pioneer brands offering premium grooming services for men.

Speaking at the launch of the 22nd store, Istayak Ansari Co-Founder & Director Lloyds Luxuries and Krishna Gupta, MD Lloyds Luxuries share, “The surge in beauty blogs and social media influencers have inculcated the importance of grooming as a daily necessity, and we at Truefitt & Hill provide men with the most luxurious atmosphere and highly skilled barbers and staff to turn this grooming exercise into a luxurious experience. Finding greater resonance with young men who are choosing to align themselves with brands alike TF&H, we currently have 22 open and operating stores across 9+ cities in India and 1 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Standing at the cusp of the market growth rate of about 25%, we look forward to growing and opening new stores.”

Mantastic – The Barber Shop, Mumbai
Manatastic – The Barber Shop has maintained a sense of masculinity throughout its interiors. The salon is designed exclusively for men and is co-owned by young hair professionals – Vivek Shyam Bhatia and Vaishakhi Haria.

Speaking about the evolving men’s grooming market in India, Vivek says, “The men’s grooming sector is booming across the country and we felt that this was the best time to hit the market with the right placement of services. Our salon’s theme is focused on retaining the masculine ambience, and so we have used elements like tanned leather belts as well as created a gramophone wall for the music corner of the barbershop. We have also added the world’s most-loved bike – Royal Enfield, at our waiting zone.”

Located in Borivali west, the barber shop offers professional barbering services ranging from haircuts, beard shaping, dry/wet shave, and colour. Day spa services like manicures & pedicure, as well as hair treatments and silicon hair weaving, are also offered here.

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