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Pantone color of the year 2022: Very Peri

by Professional Beauty India

Every year we are introduced to the Pantone color of the year. This color has a great influence on the upcoming fashion and makeup trends. We had a conversation with esteemed makeup artists and educators Lekshmi Menon and Zorain Khaleeli to explore the impact of Very Peri on the world of makeup!

The Pantone Color of the Year is very influential. The artists across all industries let their creative juices flow and begin experimenting with the color. Very Peri, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2022 symbolises personal inventiveness and creativity. The symbolic meaning of Very Peri made it a very interesting color for the beauty industry! Let’s hear how makeup artists, Lekshmi Menon and Zorain Khaleeli feel about the Pantone color of 2022.

Makeup trends for 2022
“2022 is going to be all about looking luminous and glowing from within rather than looking like a crystal ball. People are opting for softer looks like nude on the waterline and soft brown smokey eyes for their special events. New foundation launches by brands are all about skin tints, soft focus and sheer coverage. The top makeup trend this year is all about showing your uniqueness rather than camouflaging it all,” says Lekshmi Menon, CEO – Face Palette Pro Makeup Academy and Makeup Services.

Zorain Khaleeli, Founder of Zorain’s studio and Academy, adds, “Graphic liners are back! Double, winged or reverse liners are all in vogue, but with a twist of color or glitter. Contoured lips are in this season for sure, but matte lip colors will now make way for glossy and fuller lips.”

Bridal trends for 2022
“In the past 2 years, masks limited the focus to the eyes with bridal makeup. However, with things improving the focus will now shift to lips. Glossy lips will be heavily incorporated in bridal makeup. Brides are also more keen to now celebrate their real beauty with subtle and nude looks” says Zorain.

In Lekshmi’s opinion, “The current bridal makeup trend is to make skin look glistening and fresh without looking sweaty. Brides now prefer to flaunt textured skin rather than hiding them, which is absolutely wonderful. Monochrome makeup looks are in trend with bridal makeup currently. Shades of burnt orange, rust color and corals are in for bridal makeup tones.”

Makeup trends with Very Peri
When asked about their opinion on Very Peri for makeup, here is what Zorain had to say, “Shades of plum have always been a flattering color for Indian skin. The lilac element in Very Peri is a bit light for all skin tones, but can be beautifully incorporated in different aspects of eye and face makeup. Very Peri can be paired and mixed with a hint of pink or blue to create a wonderful final result”

Lekshmi Menon said, “I was very excited to see the shade ‘Very Peri’ as the Pantone Colour of the year since the shade stands out unique on its own. It has a beautiful wash of red undertones mixed with lavender overtones. It complements various skin tones. It would pair beautifully with white and beige outfits.”

For lip makeup, both Lekshmi and Zorain agree that it is a color that can be avoided. As the purple undertones can tend to make your teeth appear yellow.

There you have it, the takes of two makeup industry experts on the Pantone Color of the year – Very Peri. We agree with their insights and cannot wait to experiment with it! What look would you create with the color Very Peri? Do let us know!

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