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RENÉE Cosmetics unleashes the power of makeup with Ileana D’cruz

by Arun Shirishkar

Cruelty-free Indian makeup brand RENÉE Cosmetics offers an extensive range of high quality beauty products. The makeup range from the brand makes the skin look ravishing all day. Along with Ileana D’cruz, RENÉE as part of its latest campaign showcases that you are all things bold and beautiful, based on the same concept of timeless beauty.

True to its name, RENÉE Cosmetics is all about rebirth. It aims to break the old definitions of beauty and empower women to redefine themselves. The definition of beauty differs from person to person and RENÉE aims to be an integral part of your beauty routine with its sensational products. Ileana has been vouching for the brand over the years and she exudes confidence and that is precisely the message the brand wants to give out to its esteemed customers through its latest brand film. 

Talking about the brand film,Ileana says, “I love the products the brand has to offer. The extensive range of premium makeup is something that every strong independent individual should have.”

The most recent brand film depicts Ileana D’Cruz in a fantasy world, where she showcases the key traits of the brand: Empowerment, Confidence and Liberation. The film shows Ileana getting ready for a quest. Her staff clad her up in her war suit, subtly integrating RENÉE products in her makeup. The ambience of her journey is rather dull. She sets off walking and reaches a point where her quest ends, near a large, levitating rock. She breaks it with a touch and the entire area comes to life. The expanse gets coloured with RENÉE products floating around. As she sees her kingdom come to life, she smiles and transcends into the sky.

Giving an insight of the brand, Aashka Goradia Goble, Founder and Actress, says, “RENÉE Cosmetics is an extension of my personality. It is all about timeless beauty and catering to the beauty needs of a modern Indian woman. We aim to deliver products that will enhance your confidence and empower you to achieve your dreams.”

The entire agenda behind this brand film is to showcase the core value of the brand – liberation of women, empowering them and instilling the confidence that they can overcome anything. 

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