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Salon Industry Masks Up For The Third Wave // Salon Industry And The Third Wave: What’s The Impact?

by Professional Beauty India

‘New year, new me’, said the COVID virus too! While the Indian salon industry was just setting its foot upright, the Omicron variant has knocked on the door again! As of January 2022, the country is witnessing a rise in the number of cases every day. To curb the spread, state-level restrictions have been set into place causing an impact on the salon industry yet again.

Let’s have a closer look at the new set of challenges this wave has brought for the salon owners and how are they planning on overcoming them this time.

Effect On The Consumer Demand
One of the key aspects of a thriving salon is its customer base. But due to the sheer nature of the virus, customers are a little uncertain about stepping their foot in the salon. Giving his first-hand insight on this matter, Deepak Jalhan, Educator & Creative Director at LOOKS Prive said, “Most of the clients are afraid of travelling. While booking appointments, they ask us about the team vaccination and sanitising practises.” He added that skin services are suffering as no one is comfortable in taking off their masks for a long period of time. However, he believes that it will improve with time.

A Closer Look At The Shelves
Coming to the in-salon retail business, it’s an extended realm by which the salon revenue is driven. More than the wave, there’s a different reason which has made this aspect of the salon business turn into a slow one. “As people have become quite aware of the application and the use of a multitude of products, they are purchasing more products. However, our dotted lines as salons have been affected by the fact that these products which were once salon-exclusive are now available to the clients via various digital avenues,” says Natasha Naegamvala, Director at Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin Salon.

New Variant Calls For New Protocols?
Similarly, Deepak stated, “All the measures we initiated earlier, such as temperature check and asking for travel history, are still being taken, including masking all the time inside the salon. Each service is sanitised afterwards.” He added, “The instructions given to the staff are to be responsible for your actions and for others.”

The Road Ahead!
Salon owners have faced a level of uncertainty in the past and they have come out victorious! For 2022, these salon owners have set their minds in the following directions. Deepak mentions, “Our goal is to be consistent in everything we do and to make our clients and team comfortable so they can come to the salon without hesitation or fear. We have a responsibility to treat our customers well and make them feel pampered.” As for Natasha, her plan for 2022 is to invest her time productively by training her staff.

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