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Shagun Gupta ventures into Eyelash Extension Services

by Arun Shirishkar

Beauty Influencer Shagun Gupta has introduced Eyelash Extension Services at RSB Wellness Centre in Bandra, Mumbai.

Beauty Influencer Shagun Gupta has introduced Eyelash Extension Services. Banking on one of the hottest trends in the global beauty industry, Shagun strives to boost its rage in India. A practicing cosmetologist and micropigmentation specialist, she has been at the forefront of emerging beauty techniques in India. Having extensively worked on the latest trends in the beauty and fashion sector she has now developed a keen interest in lashes. To this effect, Shagun has opened her first lash studio at RSB Wellness Centre in Bandra, Mumbai.

Variety is the key
Eyelash extensions come in various types, lengths, colors, curves and thickness. Before choosing the extension, the technician accesses the condition of natural lashes, evaluates your facial features and
recommends the perfect volume to suit your style.

Lash techniques are broadly classified into Classic Extensions and Volume Extensions. Classic lashes are when a single lash is applied to your natural lash whereas in the case of volume extensions several thin lashes are applied to your single natural lash. The eyelash sets come in full, express, fill and hybrid. They are meticulously applied on your eyelashes to give a complete natural look. Another breakthrough technique is 3D-4D volume fan that brings a new dimension to eyelash extension segment.

Expert speak
“I have personally experimented with natural eyelash extensions and consider it one of the best moves in the beauty industry. With these fashionable treatments you can enhance the beauty of your eyes for effortless daily wear or special occasions. You now don’t need to worry about droopy lashes or smudge on mascara to attain noticeable lashes. Eyelash extensions have been a popular trend in the West with more and more woman using them to dramatically enhance their look. We are pleased to introduce this technique in the Indian market and believe there will be great degree of acceptance amongst beauty enthusiasts. Our expertly trained technicians will provide you with impeccable experience and exemplary services to bring in the best in you,” says Shagun.

Lash extensions can be curled to fit your natural eye-shape and can be custom designed to match individual face shapes. Eyelash Extensions are extremely safe and can be worn by women with sensitive eyes and even those wearing contact lens. These glamorous waterproof lash extensions usually last around 4-6 weeks. With these natural looking enhancements, Hollywood glam is just a blink away!

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