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Trending hairstyles with expert Rohan Jagtap

by Professional Beauty India

The world of hairstyling is constantly evolving. Emerging new trends in the cut and colour space are truly fascinating. Let’s keep up with the trends for 2022 and explore them with Rohan Jagtap, Creative Director & Co-Founder, Bespoke Salon, Mumbai.

Everyone loves experimenting with hair colour and styles. After a 2 year sabbatical of either rocking your grays or natural hair colour, it is time to get back to experimenting. The hairstyling industry is bubbling with new haircuts and colours that will be the talk of the town in 2022. To understand the trends better, we have Rohan Jagtap, Creative Director & Co-Founder at Bespoke Salon. Rohan is a seasoned expert who is well versed with the trends and has years of industry experience.

What is trending in hairstyling for 2022?
The fashion and beauty industry is rocking the 90s trends. They are back with a bang in the space of hair as well. In 2022, the old school hairstyles will be widely popular with modern twists. People will be sporting haircut trends that include modern shags, textured bob, curtain fringes and more!

What are the major colour trends to watch out for?
In 2022, I foresee people experimenting with colour! Customers have already started to opt for unconventional colours and totally rocking them. Hair colouring trends that will be in vogue are a cool balayage, babylights with global colour and funky colour panels.

Which in-salon hair treatments are likely to be in demand more
The sense of normalcy has returned amongst people. This has resulted in people stepping out more often and opting for hair services. In-salon hair treatments like hair relaxing, texture services and beach waves have been widely popular.

What are your plans for 2022 as a hairdresser and a salon owner?
After the havoc of the past two years, as a salon owner my goal is to sustain business and grow consistently. I also want to keep learning and improving, so I can provide better services to my clients. As a hairdresser I want to maintain quality and constantly upgrade my hairdressing knowledge.

How did the Omicron variant affect footfall at your salon?
During the third wave of COVID-19, the footfall had depleted drastically. However, once the cases started to subside recovery was quick. People resumed the salon to avail services within 15 days

How did you manage your inventory during such unpredictable times?
We studied consumer buying patterns and our salon demand. This helped us to narrow down on our bestselling and high demand products. We started stocking on the most popular products, kept a constant tab on our inventory and ordered as per requirements.

Are you getting any provisions from beauty brands?
Yes,brands have been very supportive. They have been on their toes by supplying products on time and have been very flexible with sales targets.

Has there been any change in customer’s behavior or demands since the new variant?
Consumer patterns have drastically shifted in the past two years. They have become more conscious and most consumers abide by all rules and regulations. By seeing the precautionary and sanitary measures that are being taken, consumers have stopped feeling worried and feel at ease and relaxed.

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