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What’s Buzzing In The Hair Colour Aisle For 2022?

by Professional Beauty India

Looking for the perfect hair colour inspiration? Asha Hariharan, Celebrity Colourist and Director at Asha Hariharan Academy is here to help you out!

As the fashion season kicks in, it’s time for hair colour makeovers. Before your customers throng in at your salon doors for colour upgrades, get your trend focus right. We bring you insights from the leading celebrity colourist Asha Hariharan. Right from trending hair colours to specific techniques, this powerhouse of talent has shared some worthwhile trends with us. So, keep on reading to know more!

What are the trending hues for this season?
I believe this year one would see neutral or cool colours on the trending charts. Neutral is when you have some colour that is warm and some colour that is cool in the hair. One might find a few strips of copper with a few strips of ash, combining to give a look of lovely burnt copper.

Which hair colouring technique is going to be big?
feel balayage, which has been trending for a while now, is still going to be the rage. Another technique that is going to be big this year is colour glossing. In this technique, we strip the hair of its natural colour and we put another colour so that it’s like a tone.

Which hair colour is overdone?
In my opinion, I think reds are overdone. It’s quite strange to see because it took quite a time for women to start off with this colour. Instead, there are so many other beautiful colours that one can opt for like beautiful caramels, coffees, mochas and tender coconut browns.

Will the money piece make its way in 2022?
Yes, the reason being the money piece was introduced mainly because the world went through a pandemic. At the time, women couldn’t visit salons to get a complete colour refresh. In the money piece technique, where a strong colour is applied in the front and the same colour is sprinkled around the hair. So, even when it goes out, it looks fresh. It doesn’t require too many salon visits and it’s a fashion statement.

What advice would you give brides for their hair colour on their big day?
For brides, I’d advise them to not do something very striking. Instead, they should go for something that looks special and divine. This could mean she can wear global or beautiful highlights or baby lights with balayage. I’d recommend it in combination.

What’s your advice for aspiring stylists out there?
A hairstylist is an artist. They want to do so many things to their clients’ hair because for them it’s a canvas. But they need to control themselves and understand where they can offer something that caters to the client’s needs and their creativity. When the hairdresser speaks to the client, they must note how often their clients take care of their hair, are they ready to visit the salon every 3 or 4 weeks, regardless of which colour the client chooses – the hairdresser must find a technique of doing it in such a way that it looks fresh and timeless.

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