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Women in business : Natasha Dhody

by Arun Shirishkar

Boss lady, Natasha Dhody, a renowned makeup artist who needs no introduction is here to talk to Payal Upase about her journey in the world of makeup, as a women in business!

Through the month of March companies across the globe celebrate the spirit of women and acknowledge the importance of women in their life. On the occasion of International Women’s day we bring to you an interview of a prominent name in the industry, who has built her makeup empire through her hard work.

Natasha Dhody of Natasha Dhody Makeovers and a makeup academy in collaboration with Savio John Pereira, comes from a legacy in the industry of makeup. She has worked hard and made a mark in the industry whilst continuing to honour her mother’s work and name in the makeup space. Natasha Dhody shares her journey of falling in love with makeup and how she conquered the makeup world with her constant perseverance and dedication.

What does it mean to be a woman in business for you in this industry?
It is an amazing accomplishment in itself when you break the stereotype! Women were believed to just take care of the house and family and here we are, doing the same thing ‘financially’ too. Being a woman in business comes with a lot of responsibility where we need to maintain a balance between home and work. I think I had the right motivation and dedication towards both, which makes me keep working harder and achieve my professional goals.

Have you ever faced any criticism or difference in treatment due to your gender in the industry?
Well, the beauty and wellness industry has been very kind to me as the number of women in this industry is relatively high. I have not really faced gender inequality in this field. Our industry accepts everyone in good spirits. Although it does get a little challenging when we work with co-related businesses.

How does your organization work towards women empowerment?
When women get together for anything, that is power in itself. It feels great when me and my team get to work every morning thinking ‘how do we add value to each other’s lives?’ – not just professionally but personally too. By the end of the day I always acknowledge the empowerment we have provided to all those women whom we have educated or done makeovers for. Seeing my clients and students leave the studio with that sense of confidence is the most satisfying feeling for a makeup educator.

We all women have something special in us. We need to recognize that spark, stand up for ourselves and say, we are no less than anyone. We can do anything if we work hard and smart.

What is your opinion on platforms such as MakeUp Week that are providing people with a stage to educate themselves about the happenings of the industry? 
It is definitely a great platform. People get to experience the best talent from all over the world under one roof. The fact that I was lucky enough to practice my love for makeup professionally was such a blessing to me. Women who cannot travel because of domestic, professional or economical reasons, can learn new trends and take inspiration from the  best artists throughout the globe under one roof. MakeUp Week makes the world a smaller place by giving a chance to all of us to interact in a very effective way. Get out of our shell and think big.

What can we look forward to from your brand?
It’s been more than two decades in this field and it just feels like yesterday when I started to follow my passion of teaching makeup. It has given me opportunities which I am forever thankful for. It has given me a chance to work with the best makeup artists in the world, which always is an endearing experience. In the times of physical expansion of academies, I plan to focus not just on the numbers, but also divulge quality education to my students. That, for me, is growth.

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