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Women in business : Natasha Naegamvala

by Arun Shirishkar

Payal Upase in conversation with the hair genius, Natasha Naegamvala Director: Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin Salon. She talks us through her journey and how it’s like being a woman in business!

Through the month of March companies across the globe celebrate the spirit of women and acknowledge the importance of women in their life. On the occasion of International Women’s day we bring to you a prominent name in the industry, who has made her mark in the hair industry through her hard work.

Natasha Naegamvala needs no introduction in the hair industry. Being in the industry for three decades, she has managed to carve a niche for herself through her hardwork and determination. Natasha set foot in the industry under the guidance of her mother, Nalini Naegamvala, the legend herself. 

Woman in Business
For her being a woman in business, was following the path her mother guided her through. She always looked up to her mother and her journey inspired her thoroughly. She says, “The business my mom and I have may be a small controlled space, but we know it is a successful one and we take pride in it. It can be difficult for two women to work and run a business, but we’ve made our mark despite the roadblocks we’ve had to face. The fact that I believe and know and also work very hard to ensure that my business is successful, is what is more important to me than having to prove it to others.  I just do what I’ve got to do.”

Gender Bias
“I’ve crossed paths with people, who on multiple occasions, have said that we did not stand a chance, while looking us in the eye. This sexism just made us want to work harder, so we did what we had to, We dug our heels in and just carried on with our jobs. I do believe that women do have it harder to prove themselves, to be successful in business. I want and have a set up where I am compassionate, and considerate of the people in my team. I like the way I run my business. I am nurturing, compassionate, and sometimes that can be seen as meek. Personally, I feel a happier team is a team that will want to come in to work. Do I live in a happy, content little bubble, not giving the people who have a different, gender-biased opinion of me the time of day? Yes, I do. And I wouldn’t want to change that.”

Women Empowerment
“Empowerment of women is very important to my mother and I. My mom works closely with various NGOs to enable girls. She and I are of the opinion that progress will come from this. Enable a woman and there will be less hunger, less dependence and cruelty against women. This is an area of massive importance, and we all have to do our parts.”

The future anticipates
“In my own business, I like where I am at. I believe that quality supersedes quantity. I want to work towards bettering the industry and provide a platform to newcomers to show their talents and educate themselves in the right manner. My mum and I are working closely with a fine group of hairdressers namely, Aalim Hakim, Asha Hariharan, Adhuna Bhabani, Avan Contractor, Bina Punjani, Cory Walia, Carey Vaz, Deepti Samtani, Kanta Motwane, Lata Karamchandani, Manju Radhakrishanani, Oshok Bhabani, Placid Braganza, Ryan D’Rozario, Sachin Dakoji, Savio John Pereira, Seema V. Jerajani, Pragati Malhotra, Vikram Mohan, Vipul Bhagat. We are working to form an association that will help us achieve our goal of bettering the industry through our contributions. “

The team at Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin and Natasha Naegamvala wishes every woman out there a Happy Women’s Day!

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