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Your Go-To Hair Care Guide For Holi 2022

by Professional Beauty India

Worried about protecting your hair from the damaging effects of the Holi colours? Team Professional Beauty India has got the perfect hair care guide for you!

The festival of colours is right around the corner. This calls for letting your hair down and having some fun! But no one is ready for the damage caused by the colours on their lovely tresses, right? Worry not, we at Professional Beauty India have scoured and found an end-to-end hair care guide for you. Right from pre to post-care, your beautiful tresses are assured to retain their health and shine through this colourful festival.


1) Say goodbye to split ends
If you notice that your hair has grown split ends, it’s time to snip them off. When the Holi colours, containing chemicals, come into contact with your split ends, it makes your hair look dry and damaged. It further hampers your hair’s health. Thus, the best way out is to chop off those ends a week before Holi.

2) Oiling
Oiling is one of the hair care advice which is commonly heard in Indian households. As Holi colours have the potential to damage your hair shaft, applying hair oil creates a layer over the hair fibres. It thereon shields your hair from those damaging effects and ensures minimum hair breakage. So, make sure to apply a good amount of coconut or olive oil, as per your liking. Remember to massage your hair from roots to the tip.

3) Tie up your hair
Now is the time to showcase your hairstyling skills by creating beautiful braids or cute buns. This will ensure that minimum hair comes in contact with those colours. An additional step would be covering up your hair. Pick out your scarf or bandana and style your lovely tresses for the party!

Here comes the not-so-fun part. It’s time to get that stubborn colour off!

1) Brush your hair
Gently brush your hair before you step in the shower. This will help you get rid of any excess dry Holi colours which are stuck in your strands.

2) Use a gentle shampoo
Given that the chemicals within the Holi colours make your hair dry, opting for a harsh shampoo isn’t a sweet deal here. Thus, you should pick a gentle shampoo and wash your hair. But before applying shampoo, first, make sure to rinse your hair with cold water. This will get rid of the colour.

3) Condition well!
Adding shine and health back to your tresses is the final goal. The best way to do so is by conditioning the strands. You can also opt for hair masks that hydrate and nourish your strands.

Voila! This is how you can enjoy your Holi without letting your hair woes come in the way. On that note, we at Professional Beauty India wish you a very Happy Holi! Hope your life is filled with lots of beautiful colours and joy!

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