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Oils by Meraki Essential’s are your winter essentials this season

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Meraki introduces winter essentials with different oils for hydrated, glowing skin and to keep your luscious locks healthy

Winter has arrived in its full glory and while we our sporting sweaters and jackets, we also need to take extra care of our skin. So upgrade your winter skincare kit with these luxurious but affordable skincare must haves, by Meraki Essentials to ensure you’re the best version of you this season.

Rosemary Essential oil
Rosemary the Rapunzel’s potion as it has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean region and now across the world to improve hair quality. The essential oil of Rosemary has a woody, herbaceous aroma and is known for its reviving, refreshing and strengthening properties. Rosemary essential oil is known to unclog hair follicles of pollutants and helps stimulate hair growth. INR 695

Tea Tree Essential oil
Tea Tree is the Warrior potion, as it has a powerful anti bacterial functions against all infectious organisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi. The oil of Tea Tree is a fresh blend of camphoraceous odor and is known for many health benefits. Tea Tree Essential oil when blended with a base oil and applied on the scalp helps relieve dandruff due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. INR 595

Lavender Essential oil
Lavender is known as the Alignment potion, as its prime function is balancing and normalizing body functions and emotions. Lavender properties sound almost too good to be true – it has a soothe all reputation which has lasted through thousands of years. This oil when blended with base oil and applied on the scalp helps relieve dandruff and soothe the scalp due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. INR 995

Palmarosa Essential oil
Palmarosa is the Hydrating potion as it helps your body retain the moisture in the tissues and maintains the moisture balance throughout the body. Palmarosa is best known for its sebum balancing, hydrating properties and its lovely fragrance due to which it is extensively used in the skin care industry. INR 395

Geranium Essential oil
Geranium is an Alchemist’s dream as it induces physical, mental and emotional well being. This oil has a lovely floral aroma that encourages balance, uplifting feeling and peace. Geranium is used extensively in perfume and skin care industry due to its lovely fragrance and positive effects on skin. It is also known for helping in regulating hormones and moods alike and also for reducing skin pigmentation and dark spots. INR 895

Cedarwood Essential oil
Cedarwood is the Wisdom potion as it stimulates the mind, maintains steadiness, balance and integrity. The oil of Cedarwood has a delightful, woodsy, calming and grounding aroma said to induce steadiness, security and stillness. This oil is a great choice for hydrating dry skin. It can also be used by men in their beard oil. INR 445

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