Olivia Garden unveils it’s latest collection at PB Delhi Show


Olivia Garden’s Artistic Director Cherry Petenbrink will be unfolding the Timeless Beauty Hair Fashion Collection.

From international educational platforms to top celebrity make over’s Cherry Petenbrink has really made a name for herself in the beauty industry. She’s best-known for her credited work on the popular Hunger Games film series and styling stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hanks to name a few.

1. What are you going to present at PB Delhi show?

Olivia Garden Artistic Director Cherry Petenbrink will preview as a World Premier, Olivia Garden’s Timeless Beauty Hair Fashion Collection. These are styles we forecasted to be popular in the winter of 2019 and in 2020. Cherry will be demonstrating how Olivia Garden’s innovative styling tools can easily achieve these beautiful looks.

2. What’s trending for A/W 2019?

What we’ll see trending this Autumn /Winter is more foundation and structure. Less messy more shape and elegance.

3. What’s in vogue?

Currently trending in Fashion is also structure and tailored looks. Along with sequins, the power suit has been big this year and into 2020. Fashion in clothing always translates into the hair. Bigger fuller waves and curls. Hair will be less “lived in” and more structured and foundational.

4. What would you say is the USP of Olivia Garden?
Quality and innovation are Olivia Garden’s main USP. Our products are engineered to last longer and perform faster than others on the market. By using our tools, hair stylists save money because they last longer and they are able to style or blow dry their customers faster and with ease. This has fueled our organic growth internationally across all borders.

5. What new things can we expect from your brand in the near future?
We are working on a new line of revolutionary hair brush detanglers for both professional hair stylists and consumers. as well as a line of high-performance electrical tools, especially straightening and curling irons. Winter 2019 and the next year will witness the launch of some of our most exciting new products.

We are investing a lot in education both in-person, as we are doing this week in Delhi, but also online. We will be offering a growing library educational hair styling videos and other educational tools online for free to hair stylists all around the world.

Written by Purnima Vasaikar


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