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One-Finger Graduation Bob By Sumit Malkotia

by Priyanka Parshurami

An evergreen bob cut style was showcased by Sumit Malkotia, Style Director, Neu Salon India, at the brand stage of Ikonic Professionals at Professional Beauty Delhi Expo 2022.

The 19th edition of Professional Beauty India held at Pragati Maidan, Delhi was a beautiful showcase of glitz, glamour, business, and education. The beauty Expo was full of learning opportunities from the industry experts performing live on Professional Beauty India’s Demo stage and on the private stage of exhibiting brands. Priyanka Parshurami gets you an insight from the session of Sumit Malkotia, Style Director, Neu Salon India, showcasing the evergreen bob cut style at the private stage of Professional Beauty India, Delhi 2022, Powered by Partners, Ikonic Professional.

Why Bob Cut Style?

Bob is the most trending haircut that never goes out of fashion and style. However, there are a lot of difficulties faced by the new bees of the industry while executing this trending and simple style. Hence, took an opportunity to showcase this simple yet classic hairstyle at the Professional Beauty Delhi Expo.

What’s in a Name?

There are many different types of bobs like simple bob, curved bob, asymmetric bob, and many more. But this one showcased at the stage of Ikonic Professionals in Professional Beauty Delhi show is called, ‘One-Finger Graduation Bob’.

Bob cut style is the most versatile haircut. As it needs no styling at all. It’s also a summer-friendly haircut and most suitable for medium to fine hair. As a result, this haircut never gets out of style and has been trending for decades.

Important Factors to Remember:
Consultation is the most important key before doing this haircut. An artist must understand the face shape, lifestyle, natural hair texture, and growth pattern of the client.

Steps for One-Finger Graduation Bob:

  • Start by taking a center parting and then a radial, dividing the head into four equal parts.
  • Then move to the back of the head starting with a 1 to a 2-inch horizontal section at the nape area.
  • Comb the hair down on its natural fall and club cut the first section on the neck.
    We work up with the same sectioning.
  • In the next section, we will hold the section in our fingers and cut with the help of small point cutting, with the help of a guide from the previous section.
  • Third section will be the same horizontal. This time you follow the same technique as in the earlier section but this time one has to cut the hair on the guide with the help of a big point cutting technique.
  • Continue with the same sections alternating big point cutting technique and small point cutting technique.

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