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Over two centuries of luxe male grooming by Truefitt & Hill

by Arun Shirishkar

Truefitt & Hill clocks in 215 years of uncompromising dedication to male vanity and grooming excellence

The iconic Truefitt & Hill hits a new milestone by clocking in successful 215 years of unwavering commitment to men’s grooming. Over the decades, the beacon of the finest in traditional gentlemen’s barber services and perfumery worldwide has redefined the art of hairdressing and perfumery. 

Luxe grooming!
Truefitt & Hill has been everyone’s choice while looking for exceptional luxe services and extraordinary products in the men’s grooming space. They have an array of unrivalled services steeped in age-old traditions with unmatched products. This helps you get a winner in the globally renowned luxury barber shop – Truefitt & Hill. This grooming hub has often been visited by the likes of Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens and Alfred Hitchcock. 

Centuries of legacy
A synonym for bespoke luxury and personalized services, T&H was established during the celebrated period of Georgian England, 1805 which makes it the oldest barbershop in the world, as certified by Guinness Book of World Records in April 2000. A face-flattering haircut, a meticulously executed shave with hot towels, and a comforting manicure at Truefitt & Hill leaves a gentleman incredibly rejuvenated. 

Truefitt & Hill’s Indian journey
Truefitt & Hill‘s operations in India got off to a flying start in the year 2014, when a 21 year-old Krishna Gupta, bought its master franchise to start its salons in India and neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Nepal. Mr. Krishna Gupta, Co-Founder & MD Lloyds Luxuries. In 2014 Krishna started a luxury arm called Lloyds Luxuries with the zeal to add a spark to the luxury segment in the nation. He saw the vision for men’s grooming and along with the gap in the market, he decided to take the leap and acquire the master franchise for Truefitt & Hill.

Krishna Gupta says
“The size of the branded male grooming segment has crossed Rs 5,000 crore-mark in urban India, wherein the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are still untapped and possess tremendous potential. Even post Covid times, the demand for hair and body grooming is remarkable. There is also a surge in services like manicure and pedicure and facial services for men. Truefitt & Hill aims to tap the untapped segment in smaller cities. I’m happy the brand has completed more than two centuries in providing luxury grooming centuries and look forward to many more such celebrations in future.”

Truefitt & Hill has provided services to over 1 million of its loyal and repeat customers and over 100,000 products have been sold till date.

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