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Paint your tips in – PRIDE!

by Arun Shirishkar

 June is officially celebrated as pride month. To commemorate this month, Payal Upase brings to you how you can paint your nails in rainbow creatively!

The LGBTQIA+ community celebrates pride month every June. Pride makeup looks are very creative and people often experiment with their makeup. Along with expressing your creativity through your makeup we bring to you ways you can use your nails to do the same! Here are a few inspiration ideas that will make for a perfect nail art while still being fabulous.

Tipping off the stereotypes
The first nail art idea is minimalistic, simple and yet looks super chic! All you have to do is, first paint your nail with a coat of clear nailpaint. Once that’s dry, just take a thin nail art brush and paint a thin strip of each colour on the tip of your nail. If you have square shaped nails you can draw straight lines or for curved nails, a semicircular line of colour will look the best. There you have it, a simple yet chic looking pride inspired nail art.

Born to stand out
This simple nail art is the perfect one for people who love accent nails. Paint your nails in a nice opaque white nail paint and add a thick and even coat of top coat. After that choose any one accent nail (looks best on the ring finger) and draw the colours of the rainbow in the VIBGYOR pattern horizontally. Use a thin brush to add a thin line of white nailpolish between two colours to define each colour. You can leave this here or use dotting tools and add colourful polka dots across other nails. 

Love is love
This nail look is the simplest and also an amazing and unique way of adding the element of pride month to your nails. All you have to do is add a different colour from the rainbow to each nail. Repeat the same on your other hand and it’s done! That’s how simple this is.

Go try these nail looks yourself and don’t forget to support everyone equally, despite their orientation. Afterall, love is love! 

Happy Pride Month to everyone out there!

Image Courtesy: Pintrest

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