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Pamper your hair this weekend with Schwarzkopf!

by Arun Shirishkar

 Rejuvenate your client’s hair post-lockdown with Schwarzkopf Professional Spa Essence range of products

Your clients have had no access to a salon or regular hair treatments for the last few months due to COVID-19. The reopening of salons will have them looking for treatments for specific hair problems like split ends, hair loss, dull hair, dandruff, etc. Now that the salons are gradually re-opening, you can cater to your client requirements with Schwarzkopf Professional’s latest product offerings.

The Spa Essence Range
Ensure your clients, enjoy a lavish hair spa experience that is both rejuvenating and relaxing and also gives them what they desire – healthy, flowing, and rejuvenated tresses with Schwarzkopf Professional’s Spa Essence range. The Spa Essence range helps restore damaged hair and strengthens the hair structure and aims at taking care of key scalp concerns. Ideal for both, men and women, the Spa essence range gives a holistic therapy addressing key

concerns of the scalp and hair. It assists in correcting symptoms like dandruff, hair loss, dull hair, and scalp ageing, and is aimed at pampering it to ultimate revitalization of your hair. Spa Essence is the perfect amalgamation of nature and science, for the holistic well-being of the scalp and hair. 

Why Spa Essence?
The Spa Essence range comes with the patented technology Hydrolyzed Keratin (CR-Keratin). It contains the same amino acid component as the hair, which can penetrate the hair and directly reach the hair cortex and repair the damaged structure inside the hair. You can provide your clients with services basis their hair type and concern like the Hydrating Spa for Normal to Dry to Dehydrated Hair, Enriching Spa for Damaged, Bleached and Coloured Hair, Anti-Hair loss Spa for Thinning Hair, Men’s Spa all for hair type, Express Spa and more.

Schwarzkopf Professional Spa Essence provides a personalized hair and scalp treatment that is tailor-made for the customer’s needs. It is a  5-step process that not only gives intense caring treatment to the hair and scalp but also rejuvenates it to a whole new level of well-being.

The range
The Spa Essence range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, masques and serums. They are enriched with amino acids, keratin based formulas, vitamin complexes and more that leave your hair healthy, rejuvenated and pampered!

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