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Paradigm shift in the makeup industry post lockdown

by Arun Shirishkar

With the reopening of the film industry and shootings, the make-up industry is getting ready to face a 360-degree change in the make-up procedures

The Professional Beauty India team connected with Amod Doshi, a renowned prosthetic makeup artist in the new editorial series of Expert Speaks. Doshi, who has worked as a make-up artist in almost 150+ movies across the genres speaks about the challenges faced by the make-up industry during and post the lockdown. Here is the interview in a nutshell. 

Q: Can you tell us about your COVID-19 experience and your routine during a lockdown?
Initially, the lockdown was very good, and I enjoyed it a lot as I got quality time with my family which was very rare in the normal routine. I was extensively travelling the entire last year for various shoots and hence missed out on the family time. I also used this time for self-learning and introspection. I went through my old notes regarding the make-up, learnt about latest trends, researched, and experimented with alternative products for the make-up, etc. 

Q: Can you explain your research on new and innovative products for prosthetic make-up during a lockdown?
As we all know that the majority of the products used in this kind of make-up is imported from the USA, London, and China. Alas, due to COVID-19 the import-export is down, and availability of these products is also a bit challenging. Hence, I have come -up with products which are 90% close to the original products and give similar results and effects post make. The only 10% gap is due to packaging and presenting techniques. These products are as per the international standards, but which is also suitable for Indian temperature which is unique quality compared to previously used products. I have started using them and will shortly share the same with the industry.  

Q: What is the difference in make-up procedures now as compared to pre-COVID times?
There is a lot of difference between the pre and post-COVID working conditions. Well, we all are aware that unlike normal make-up, prosthetic make-up takes a long time to put on and off. But now since episode banks of all the serials have exhausted, they are shooting 3-4 shifts a day to build the new episodes which are an added pressure on us. Hence, I have kept a few modules and pieces ready which will reduce my make-up time to 2 hours from 4 hours. COVID-19 has also led to artists being very cautious about the health and safety guidelines. Due to this, we have to make different make-up kits consisting of powder, brushes, modules in each one of them. It has also incurred additional expenses for us which are not borne by production houses, but by the make-up artist. So yes, working in post COVID condition is indeed a challenging job.

Q: Have you started the shootings? Can you share any experience with us?
Yes, I have started shooting for a horror movie just 3 days back. As per the health and safety norms, we must wear the mask, PPE kit and gloves. But doing make-up with gloves on is a very difficult task as we have to strive hard to give the fine finish of the make-up.

Q: Can you tell us about the training at Ovi Academy post lockdown?
We at Ovi Academy have already started the training for the new batch of students. We have prepared kits with all the necessary products and elements required for learning the prosthetic make-up and post that we are now conducting the online training so that students can learn it exactly the way they use to learn in physical training. Also, one more initiative that I am planning to start under Ovi academy is financial help to the beauticians and students who cannot learn or carry out business due to monetary crises. So, I plan to help them either with financial aid or with products required by them for learning.

Q: One tip you would like to give to make-up artists for working in post COVID conditions?
First and foremost I would appeal to the beauty and wellness industry and the artists and people related to it to accept the new normal conditions at the earliest and start working towards it as now these conditions are here to stay for a long time. Everyone should use proper sanitized and good brushes, prepare solo make-up container kits rather than one kit across the shoots, and buy products which have recent manufacturing dates as old products might give skin infections. Lastly, I would also like to request the big make-up artists and academies to conduct workshops and training programmes which will help the industry people learn how to work in the new normal conditions and will evolve with it. 

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