PB Delhi show awaits for you with an “Ikonic” look


Ikonic’s style directors are all set to bestow an iconic look at PB Delhi show

While there are many hair styling tools on the market, one such brand that allows every professional work seamlessly with it is Ikonic Professional. Ahead of PB Delhi show, we caught up with the creative directors – Renee Melek and Gourav Bharadwaj of Ikonic; and got some exceptional industry insights.

The Performers
Renee Melek is certified by the United Kingdom’s Wahl Academy and particularly known as an expert in blonde hairstyling. This specific skill sets her apart from many of her contemporaries.
Gourav Bhardwaj is an award-winning hairstylist based in New Delhi. Being Creative Director For Ikonic, he travels nationally and internationally to share his knowledge and experience as he firmly believes in “Knowledge Shared Is Knowledge Learned”.

Live Teach-in
PB Delhi Show would be witnessing some marvelous hairstyling for cocktail events and party looks created by Renee herself. Alongside, Gourav will be sharing his expertise for the new techniques which will altogether bring some spice to the classic techniques. He will be representing the red-carpet look using new gadgets from Ikonic Professional.

Trends to look forward
As of for Renee working with hair’s natural texture and enhancing it is what she considers to be in trend. While, she thinks strong shape and structure is not in vogue and we need to retain the natural hair flow.
On the other hand, Gourav believes warm colors and shades like reds and oranges would be the new trend with a glossy finish. He counts the straight hair look to be out vogue as people are experimenting more with texture and are welcoming the new tools over the straightener.

The Ikonic Element
Ikonic range of products is uniquely crafted to spark the imaginations of style connoisseurs. The products design are inspired by a clean aesthetic profile, with clear lines & simple geometric shapes which guarantee perfect ergonomics & simplicity of use. Each Ikonic product highlights characteristics such as long life cycle, efficiency, noise-free technology & lightweight but strong materials

New arrays
It has been Ikonic’s continuous endeavor to bring the latest in hairstyling technology and design to the Indian hairstylist. In keeping with this philosophy, they are planning a host of new hairstyling products that are innovative and help ease the hairstylist job while providing amazing results.

Written by Purnima Vasaikar


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