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Perfect Corp. & MyGlamm To Launch AI & AR-Powered Experiences

by Professional Beauty India

Perfect Corp. partners with the Good Glamm Group to launch their AI-Powered skin analysis and AR makeup virtual try-on experiences for beauty lovers across India.

The Good Glamm Group and Perfect Corp. are leading providers of augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) beauty and fashion tech solutions. They recently announced the launch of new virtual try-on and AI Skin Analysis experiences. Their new techniques are expected to revolutionise their Indian D2C brand customers’ shopping experiences.

Through this agreement, MyGlamm’s Indian clients will be able to shop for makeup virtually using AR technology. They can also take part in virtual makeovers and try on cosmetics in real time with realistic results. Modern AR technology and sophisticated AI technologies combine to produce a hyper-realistic product try-on for beauty enthusiasts.

Perfect Corp.’s award-winning AI Skin Analysis solution integrates the most recent developments in deep learning to provide users with highly-accurate evaluation. It assigns users a unique skin score across several indicators, including wrinkles, spots, moisture, dark circles, oiliness, and more. The customised skincare regimen, which assembles products to address specific issues identified, provides users with a one-of-a-kind, personalised experience.

The Good Glamm Group is delighted to partner with Perfect Corp. to introduce this new AI-Powered Skin Analysis and AR Makeup Virtual Try-On Experience. It’s an experience which aims to provide their customers with bespoke beauty services.

Their hyper-realistic virtual makeup try-on tool and dermatologist-verified skin analysis technology both cater to all beauty enthusiasts in India. They’re committed to reshaping India’s beauty and fashion consumer shopping experience through their cutting-edge AI & AR-powered technology. This highly-advanced technology helps brands deliver the most realistic and high-tech experiences.

Courtesy Link: Business Wire

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