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Prevent your skin from feeling the holi blues!

by Arun Shirishkar

Your skin is the one that will feel the biggest brunt of your holi parties. Payal Upase brings to you tips that will help you protect your skin from the harsh chemicals and damage this holi

Your skin is your most prized possession and is the part of your body that gets damaged the most. From cleansing, toning and moisturizing to using masks and getting facials, we do it all and more. Despite putting in so much effort for our skin it tends to betray us. During holi, your skin is extra sensitive as it is exposed to the harmful colours and chemicals that damage and harm it. Just with a few pre and post holi TLC, your skin will be good as new!

Pre holi skincare

1. Layer those body oils

Body oils are the perfect solution to make your skin feel moisturized and will create a perfect barrier from the harmful colours and help protect your skin. Apply body oils generously to your skin the night before and wake up to soft supple skin, that will also be protected from colour seeping through!

2. Moisturize and apply SPF

Your skin needs all the moisturization it can get to stay protected and maintain its quality. Protecting your skin from sun rays is essential. Blocking out the harmful rays will reduce the damage caused by the colours present in the chemicals. Applying a moisturizer atop sunscreen on your body and face will stop the colour from seeping into the pores of your skin and wash off easily.

3. Paint those nails

Painting your nails for holi may sound odd, but is the one tip that will come to your rescue. The colours seep into your nail cuticles and are the toughest to get rid off. Applying any type of nail paint will be a barricade for the colour to penetrate into the nail bed. 

4. Use petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly can be your cheapest and your best saviour to avoid harm from colour to skin. Apply petroleum jelly generously to your lips, nail cuticles, around the ear area and even toes to protect the colour from penetrating through the skin.

Post holi skincare

1. Wash your skin gently

In wanting to remove the colour off your skin, do not scrub harshly or use an abrasive soap. This can cause micro tears on your skin and cause more long term damage. Wash your skin gently using a mild soap and wait for the colour to wash off over time.

2. Exfoliate!

Exfoliating your skin will help you remove all the dead skin buildup, which will also help remove the colour from your skin. This step will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and will remove the colour in a more gentle and nourishing manner.

3. It’s time to put on a mask

After all the scrubbing and damage your skin has been through it needs its moment of pampering. Put on your favourite mask, preferably clay, to help deep clean your pores and leave your skin feeling squeaky clean!

4. Moisturize

Just like it was essential to moisturize pre holi, it is also an absolute necessity to do so post holi too. Moisturize your body and face well to help it regain its plumpness.

Follow these steps and your skin will thank you for it.

Happy Holi everyone!

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