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Professional Nail Technician Course By LTA School Of Beauty

by Priyanka Parshurami

With an aim of being India’s largest provider of trained nail technicians, LTA School Of Beauty is launching a Professional Nail Technician Course.

LTA School Of Beauty is the one of the biggest training institutes of the beauty industry in India since 2005. They have successfully trained the best beauty professionals at par with the International standards of beauty techniques. They were the ones to teach beauty from a scientific perspective rather than the glamor quotient. And now they are foraying into the nail segment with a single aim of being India’s largest provider of trained nail technicians and growing the potential of nails in the Indian beauty industry. Priyanka Parshurami from Professional Beauty India caught up with Biju Nair, Co-Founder, LTA School of Beauty to get an insight on the professional nail technician course.

Here’s the gist of the interview.

Why Professionals Nail Technician Course:

Nails is the most underserved industry in India. The nail segment has a huge business potential which will contribute to the growth of the Indian beauty industry. But one thing that is amiss in the current scenario and being the main roadblock in the industry’s forefold growth is lack of trained professionals for nail segment. Hence, with an aim of making nail segment successful and trending along with the highest revenue bearers of the industry LTA School of Beauty is all set to launch its Professional Nail Technician Course.

About The Course:

– The Professional Nail Technician Course will be launched by the end of July 2022, across various centers of LTA School of Beauty.
– It will be a vocational course as the Indian beauty industry is still not ready for beauty being a mainstream career. Hence it is ahead of time to introduce a degree course for beauty.
– The course will be divided into two parts:
1. A Paid Course: This will cater to the professionals who are interested in opening their own nail salon and start it as business model
2. A Sponsored Course: This will cater to the professionals who are currently working in salons and want to upgrade their skills in nail art for better future growth at job.
– The first wave of the course will be a paid course, focusing on cities like Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad
– The second wave will be the sponsored course, focusing on the cities where there is a greater supply of creative professionals who are ready to get trained and migrate to the cities where there is a demand for such professionals.

Tenure of the Course:

4 – 6 months

Benefits of the courses:

– Presently the courses available in the market for the nail segments are provided by nail brands, which is product specific training. LTA school of beauty will focus on the technical part of the segment which includes the aesthetics, creative side, hygiene part and most importantly the techniques.
– This course will help salons and individuals generate a good ROI as nail is soon going to be the most valued and trending beauty segment
– The trained and skilled nail technicians will help clients make their nails a fashion statement

Nail Industry 10 Years From Now:

With more than 20 players like LTA School of beauty in the beauty training world with shared vision, mission and aim, nails would be a buzz for many years to come. The nail industry has a bigger potential than hair and chances of it being No. 2 in the Indian beauty market.

Message for the Aspirants:

The beauty industry has come a long way from its inception and today there is a huge opportunity in this industry for making a successful career. Not just as an artist, but also as a tutor, salon owner or a brand. And the best part is there is no ceiling to earnings in the beauty industry. It is the best place to get a job and creative satisfaction for a person. So, all the aspirants just need to have the right knowledge, skills and qualifications to make their make in the nail industry.

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