Prosthetic make-up steals the show at MUW


On the first day of Make Up Week (MUW), Amod Doshi from Ovi academy demonstrated the art of prosthetic make-up live for the first time ever in 60 minutes!

Prosthetic make-up is the process of using prosthetic sculpting, molding and casting techniques to create advanced cosmetic effects. Amod Doshi is a Bollywood make-up artist, who along with his fellow partners, runs the Ovi Academy in Goregaon that offers training in bridal make-up services and also educates and trains people in prosthetic makeup.

Prepping up!
Prosthetic make-up can be very elaborate to do and requires some preparation. For this demo, Amod started with a head mask to cover the hair on the model’s head so it wouldn’t come in the way and also be protected. He used acetone to cut the mask and make it fit perfectly to the model’s head shape.

He then informed the audience that masks for prosthetic make-up were made using three materials namely foam, latex and silicone. Ovi Academy also makes these masks as per the needs of the client but it requires a 10-15 days notice since the masks will be made custom made to the dimensions of the model and as per the given requirements.

For his demo, Amod used a half mask made out of latex to cover the top half of the model’s head and then stuck it using an adhesive called Thelesis gum. These masks can last up to 4-5 hours.

Colour it up
Amod mentioned that alcohol based colours were best for prosthetic make-up. He added pink colour all over the model’s face and then revealed to the audience that he was creating a scary looking zombie. He continued applying the colour all over the model’s torso and remainder of his body, too.

His team members used black to add details to the face and make it look scarier. They enhanced the hollows of the cheeks and accentuated the nerves on the neck using the black colour. They then used black mica based eyeshadow to make the prosthetic makeup look real and scarier. Final details such a fake tooth popping out of the cheek, deep scratches on the face witch-like nails, and eye lenses were added. And with that the zombie look was completed!

Q&A Session
While the prosthetic demo was in process, UK-based celebrity make-up artist and MUW host, Armand Beasley, engaged Amod in a Q&A session. Amod even demonstrated the application of fake blood to create a scratch like wound on a member from the audience. The audience left the session with enhanced knowledge about prosthetic make-up and enough zombie pictures to make them have sleepless nights.


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