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Protect, moisturize and strengthen your coloured tresses!

by Arun Shirishkar

Clients tend to spend a lot of money on colouring their hair and achieving the perfect haircolour. With the launch of ColorMotion+, Wella Professionals turns its attention to the after care needs of your clients

Generally people hesitate to incur the added expense of protecting their coloured hair with specialized at-home haircare. Typical colour care products only focus on reducing colour fading, whereas 8 out of 10 salon clients are looking for solutions to also strengthen the condition and structure of their hair.

With the new ColorMotion+ range, your clients don’t have to choose between colour protection or hair strength. Regular use of the new lineup improves the quality of coloured hair and provides colour protection for up to 8 weeks, by creating vibrant shine, and by strengthening the hair structure.

Is there a need for special colour protection?
Firstly, it is more susceptible to everyday influences such as washing, styling, and environmental aggressors, which can cause stress to sensitized coloured hair fibers. Week-after-week the overall condition of coloured hair is affected and the intensity of the colour is lost as colour molecules fade. This weakens the hair structure and leaves it looking dull.

Best of care
The ColorMotion+ series unites the best of Wella Professionals care technologies: Free Radicals Protection Technology encapsulates metals to reduce the formation of free radicals; the Hair Surface Polisher smooths the hair cuticles for improved shine and manageability; the Wellaplex Bonding Agent helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds. WellaPlex creates new inner bonds without compromising on colour results and makes hair healthier, more manageable and flexible.

The lineup
Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ color Protection Shampoo: Price Rs.1050 for 250 ml.
The colour protection shampoo removes the colour residues gently after colour service and helps lock in colour while preserving hair’s smoothness and shine. A clear consistency with luxurious foam leaves hair smooth and with vibrant shine.

Wella Professionals Moisturising color Reflection Conditioner: Price Rs.1050 for 200 ml.
Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Conditioner is a moisturizing colour reflection conditioner that helps restore hair surface quality for and smoothes your hair and protects colour.

Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ Structure + Mask: Price Rs.1150 for 150 ml.
The Wella mask is a professional restructuring salon treatment with WellaPlex bonding agent. Structure+ Mask is a multi-benefit intensive treatment that provides strengthened hair structure, lasting manageability and shine.

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