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Rediscover week 1 of #PBQuaranLive

by Arun Shirishkar

The first week of Virtual Week with PB was a smashing success. Payal Upase jots down the highlights of the week

We’ve all had an extra couple of hours at our disposal due to the lockdown. Despite the cooking and cleaning, this is the best time to learn something new everyday. Since we urge you to stay at home, the team at Professional Beauty India brought the learning to you!

The lineup
Day 1:
We put together a line up of a few best of the best of the industry and brought them to you via your digital screen, under one platform. We began with the hair maestro, Natasha Nagemwala, Nalini of Nalini & Yasmin salon, started off the week on a high note. Her journey and knowledge of the industry, alongside her wit and humour surely was the highlight of our day.

Day 2:
We shed some light on the business side of the industry, where Vikas Vij, our Managing Director engaged in an interesting conversation with Samir Srivastav, CEO, JCB Salons. The two brilliant minds discussed the effects of the ongoing pandemic and how salons can recover through this tough time. Samir Srivastav also doled out some helpful tips and tricks on how they are keeping their employees engaged and concentrating on imparting education through this tough time.

Day 3:
We brought not one, but two power packed sessions. The morning session was conducted by Hina Antule, Founder of 25o2. She won the heart of her audience through her knowledge and also showed us a list of “5 must have lipstick shades this summer”. The swatches of her lipsticks from 25o2 along with tips and tricks for lipstick application and for overlining your lips were very educative and fun at the same time. The second session of the day was conducted by Mamta Joshi, Founder of Orange Tree Salons. She has an extremely interactive session with a quick and easy at home demo for a manicure. She also gave us a recipe for a  super easy but hydrating hand mask to ensure soft hands despite the constant sanitizing and washing. 

Day 4: 
The audience witnessed a session with everyone’s favourite, Savio John Pereira, Savio John Pereira Salons. In an interactive session with Kanishka Ramchandani, Consulting Editor at Professional beauty India, they discussed in an educational conversation about the current trends, effects on COVID-19 on the industry and how we can recover our losses. Savio also imparted his knowledge on at home DIY hair masks which one can use. He also gave a quick hack on how men can control their mane of hair through this lockdown, without doing any permanent damage to your hairstyle.

Day 5:
Gunjan Gaur was the perfect addition to our esteemed lineup of experts. She enlightened the audience on Mystery shopping in salons and gave salon owners tips and tricks on how to increase productivity and efficiency in their salons. Along with this the live session also included insights on permanent makeup, courses beginners to take up and helpful tips and tricks on the survival and growth in the industry.


Day 6:
Sundays are meant for some relaxation and a day of laying low. For Sunday, we chose to upload a video instead of a live. Natasha Dhodhy, spoke charismatically about how salons can deal with the repercussions of COVID-19 and also gave helpful tips and tricks for makeup artists.



What a week it was! Funfilled and educative. Catch all our sessions on our social media handles and on our YouTube. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd1kfALq__LqVpR8vBwszxw/videos
Stay tuned for more lives, panel discussions and exciting updates on our social media handles.

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