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Re-opening strategies with focus on holistic wellness and resurgence of Ayurvedic treatments

by Arun Shirishkar

The World Spa & Wellness Conference presented by Professional Beauty Group witnessed insightful views from Indian spa and wellness experts on the topic at hand. Payal Upase brings the key takeaways from this knowledgeable session.  

Our esteemed panelists for this discussion include Dr Jitendra Varshney, Six Senses Spa;  Dr Rekha Chaudhari, Caressa Day Spa; Dr Arun Pillai, Hilton Shillim; Ritu Tawde, Educator, Consultant and Founder of Spa with Ritu.

  • Re-opening Strategies

Dr Arun 
-Hilton being a global brand is working on guidelines. The goal is to align them according to the local requirements.
-Boost confidence of the client.
-Hilton has launched a ‘Clean Stay’ programme which consists of contactless check-in, hygienic procedures – Pre, during and post the spa session.

Dr Jitendra
– Sixth Senses spa has been following all the hygienic practices since day 1.
-To keep our clients engaged we are conducting workshops and classes.

Dr Rekha 
Follow 5 pillars : Protection Measurement, Engineering control, Administrating control, Personal Protection, Hygiene and Disinfection, Risk Management and Medical Escalation.
– We are working with the government and are trying to create a platform for the industry as a whole. Wherein each and every employee will be trained as per a standardised guideline. The aim is to centralize.

Create free online courses to guide people.
– Follow 5 rules – Awareness – Training & Guidelines; Identifying – The caution; Develop; Intent to prevent; Practice. You need to strengthen the client’s assurance.

  • Focus on Holistic Wellness

Dr Arun
– This is a good opportunity to adapt a holistic approach. Be it a small single outlet or a big spa chain, everyone can dabble into this arena.

Dr Jitnedra
– The element of healing has always been a part of the Spa industry, rather it is the essence of the industry.
– We being from India have the accessibility of experts in the holistic arena. Instead of promoting your services, promote your experts. People have curiosity in knowing more about how the expert is going to help them.

Dr Rekha
– When we talk about holistic wellness, it actually belongs to the Indian culture. It has been misunderstood by the consumers that spa means only a massage rather there’s much more to it. We need to emphasize the true meaning of holistic healing in the consumer’s mind. 

  • Investment aspect to take the precautionary measures

-There isn’t a fixed figure but for one or one and half years, the investments are going to be quite heavy in comparison to the returns. 
-As one will be working with additional staff like a cleaner – Payroll is going to get affected.  You might be spacing out your appointments which will lead to lesser cash inflow. 
-For a Day spa or a stand alone spa the investment is going to be heavier as compared to a hotel spa.

Measures to gain customers confidence / General Measures

Dr Rekha 
– Show the customers that you care for them. Show them your efforts.  
– As an industry, we need to create awareness by publishing the guidelines on your website and following them to the tee.

Dr Arun 
– Services can be streamlined. Consultation is very important. For a Day Spa the offering can be narrowed down.

Dr Jitendra
– Start with a welcome email. Opt for a digital menu. Once you restart your spa business, soft launch can be the best option. Instead of offering them the main services, arrange classes, conduct workshops, teach them how to make herbal tea.You need to connect with your guest. Gain their confidence and take their feedback. 

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