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Rediscover week 4 of #PBQuaranLive

by Arun Shirishkar

 The fourth week of #PBQuaranLive was a smashing success. Payal Upase jots down the highlights of the week

We’ve all had an extra couple of hours at our disposal due to the lockdown. Despite the cooking and cleaning, this is the best time to learn something new everyday. Since we urge you to stay at home, the team at Professional Beauty India brought the learning to you!

Week 4 was time for a specially curated Hair week. To cover all things hair related we tried to pack in extra learning this week by doing 2 sessions instead of one. Let’s find out how the week went by.

The lineup

Day 1
Najeeb Rehman, Technical Service Manager at Schwarzkopf Professional India
kickstarted hair week talking about the most important yet the most neglected part of our hair – Our scalp. He spoke about the importance of looking after your scalp and also imparted knowledge about how one can take care of their scalp.

The second session of the day was by Bony Sasidharan, Diversity Ambassador at Schwarzkopf Professional India. He showed us the best coloration techniques by giving us a demo on a dummy. He addressed the questions the audience had for him while showing them how to rightfully section, apply colour and evenly distribute the colour.

Day 2
The first session of day 2 was an interesting conversation with Aleisha Keswani, Educator at TIGI. Aleisha spoke about a problem we all deal with – damaged hair. She gave the audience tips on how they can control the damage on their hair and how they can reverse it. She also discussed in salon haircare and what services people can opt for to cater their hair needs.

The second session of the day was by Sunny K Sandal, Creative Expert at TIGI. Sunny showed us barbering techniques and demonstrated a haircut at home on his younger brother. The techniques were very useful to the audience and also helped them understand the art of haircut better.

Day 3
Gaurav Gupta, Education Head-West & Central India at Wella Professionals on day three gave the audience a very detailed and informative session on colour consultation. He prepared a very educative presentation that covered a wide range of demands a client would have with respect to colouring.

Day 4
Heena Dalvi, National Technical Head at Godrej Professional commenced day 4 with a session answering the questions around the super popular, keratin treatment. She discussed the different variations of keratin treatments and answered questions the audience had for her.

The second session was with the legend, Asha Hariharan, Founder & Director of Beyond The Fringe Salons in Hong Kong & Mumbai and Asha Hariharan Academy in Mumbai. The session revolved around Hair education and the importance of hair education in India. Asha Hariharan’s insights was the best takeaway for our audience, as they understood the industry through the perspective of a legend like Asha Hariharan.

Day 5
To begin day 5 we had Shweta Sahni, Education Head L’Oréal Professionnel India discuss the importance of consultation before beginning the process of hair colouring. She stressed on how important it is to understand the requirement of the client correctly and give them the advice that is in their best interest. She also discussed creative colour techniques and how one can neutralize colour.

For the second session we had the lovely Melroy Dickson, General Manager Education Matrix at L’Oreal India. Melroy gave the audience a live demo and shared his secrets for the perfect haircut. He answered the questions that the audience and explained to them the whole process in a detailed manner. 

Day 6
Raman Bhardwaj, Owner & Director ANJOHN Salons & Academy Kolkata started day 6 with an interview which was conducted by Kanishka Ramchandani, Consulting Editor. They discussed in length the evolution of hair education in India. They also spoke about the growth of online potential for salon and academy owners during the time of a lockdown. This session was extremely insightful and educative for the audience.

The final session of Hair Week was by Mark Hayes, International Creative Director, Sassoon Academy. This zoom session was conducted by Vikas Vij, Managing Director where they discussed the perils of the situation. Mark also announced the launch of his online sessions at Sassoon Academy. They also discussed in length about Mark’s journey and his experience in the industry. This chatty session was the perfect end to the amazing Hair week.

If you missed out on any sessions, catch them on our pages:

Stay tuned for lots more coming up!

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