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Rediscover week 5 of #PBQuaranLive

by Arun Shirishkar

 The fifth week of #PBQuaranLive was a smashing success. Payal Upase jots down the highlights of the week

We’ve all had an extra couple of hours at our disposal due to the lockdown. Despite the cooking and cleaning, this is the best time to learn something new everyday. Since we urge you to stay at home, the team at Professional Beauty India brought the learning to you!

Week 5 was a week of the legends, the maestros and the experts. We at Professional Beauty India brought to you a line up of the experts that have made the Indian beauty and salon industry into what it is today. They shared their journey with us through the decades and gave us some insightful tips.

The lineup

Day 1:

We put together a line up of a few best of the best of the industry and brought them to you via your digital screen, under one platform. Day 1 we brought to you the maestro of hairstyling, Nalini Naegamwala. Nalini was the co-founder of Nalini and Yasmin Salon, which was the salon that brought hair artistry of the western world to India. Nalini began her journey by learning hairdressing in England along with Yasmin. When they returned to India, they realised that the products and methods used for hairdressing in India weren’t of the best caliber. They started training their staff and began operating their salon. Nalini is a firm believer of quality over quantity, which is the reason for her owning a single salon. She believes in upbringing the underprivileged and does a lot of social service and is associated with several NGOs.

Day 2:
Lata Khanchandani is an inspiration to all women. She was a housewife who started her journey in the beauty industry at the age of 38. She started learning and practicing her skills and realised she had a flair for it. Her hairdressing skills were highly appreciated and loved by her clients, so she took the decision of starting a salon of her own. She also started training people and educating them. Her  approach to her employees is slightly different. She has a thumb rule that her employees cannot rejoin her salon once they have left their job. She also doesn’t put her employees on payroll, but instead they recieve 30% of each ticket. The employees of Lata’s Salon, Mumbai are very loyal and have been working there for over a decade. Lata Khanchandani is also popular for her love of rapping. She developed her love for rapping after watching the movie Gully Boy and was also noticed by Ranveer Singh when her second rap song became viral!

Day 3:
On day 3 we had Dr Blossom Kochhar, who shared her journey with us. She was always inclined towards learning about hairdressing and beauty. She opened her first salon in Delhi and started educating people there. Aromatherapy peaked her interest and she realised that the ready to use products available weren’t of the best quality. So under the guidance of an ayurvedic doctor she started making her own creams with essential oils. They were a huge success and people absolutely loved them. She then went on to learn aromatherapy and received two PHD’s from Chicago and China. The lows of her life have shaped her to be the businesswomen that she has become today and she hopes to grow and spread aromatherapy to every household.

Day 4:
Gurpreet Seble belonged to the IT background and worked in Canada. She saw the interest that people abroad were showing in nails and nail art and started practicing it as a hobby. It was never her plan to start a nail salon in India but in a sabbatical she took in 2003 she decided to give it a shot. She started a nail salon along with a friend and that was the best decision she has ever taken. Her journey from there in the industry has been a real learning experience for her. She believes that education is the tool to betterment and puts education at the forefront.

Day 5:
Lata Mohan has been a part of industry for the past 38 years. She learned hairdressing and makeup while being stuck on a dock, when her husband who was a marine engineer was posted in Singapore. She opened her first salon in Chennai which was only a 120sq.ft salon. However, the response she received was amazing. Three years later she opened her second salon in a prime spot in Chennai. Lata Mohan’s role model had always been Shenaz Hussain. She trained under Shehnaz Hussain and after that her business bloomed. She garnered a lot of Goodwill and grew her alon brand.

Day 6:
The legendary hairdresser, Patrick Cameron was our final expert for week 5. Patrick said that he was always creatively inclined and had accidentally stumbled upon hairdressing. He was qualified in cutting and colouring in NewZealand. He later got an offer from a salon, that is when his training began. After a couple of years of working in a salon he left for England and started exploring it. In London, he got a job in Camden Town, where a famous hairdresser employed him in his salon. Patrick worked there for 8-9 months, after which he was offered a job of Artistic Director from a very huge company of 35 salons. He is now a director of over 500 salons in England.

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