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Rediscover week 7 of #PBQuaranLive

by Arun Shirishkar

The seventh week of #PBQuaranLive was a smashing success. Payal Upase jots down the highlights of the week

We’ve all had an extra couple of hours at our disposal due to the lockdown. Despite the cooking and cleaning, this is the best time to learn something new everyday. Since we urge you to stay at home, the team at Professional Beauty India brought the learning to you!

The lineup

Day 1:
We put together a line up of a few best of the best of the industry and brought them to you via your digital screen, under one platform. The first session was with Atharva Taake. Atharva is an Internationally trained hair artist, working in the hair Industry for the past 8 years. He has got his professional training from Uday Takkes Hair and Skin Institution and L’oreal Academy. He has also worked with Joaquin Russe and is a trainer for India’s skilled participants and currently manages Uday Takkes Hairs and Beauty Studio. Atharva gave the viewers a haircut demo. The step by step guide to the haircut was very informative and useful.

The second session of the day was with Vaishakhi Haria of Splash Salon and Mantastic Salon. Vaishakhi along with our editor, Kanishka Ramchandani spoke about her journey and how she managed to enter the world of hairdressing. Vaishakhi was never an artistic person, she was interested in pursuing the route of engineering or graphic designing. But she decided to give hairdressing a shot and fell in love with this space! Vaishakhi has received training from India, Hong Kong, London and New York and believes in educating herself constantly. Vaishakhi started her salon at the young age of 19 and has learnt a lot from her experiences. 

Day 2:
The second day of the Young Guns week started off with a session with Tejasvi Contractor from BBlunt. While in conversation with Kanishka Ramchandani, Editor, Professional Beauty India, Tejasvi told the viewers about her journey of getting started in the industry and how she paved a path for herself. She got trained at BBlunt and pursued the course as a summer activity. Halfway through, she fell in love with the industry. Tejasvi became a stylist after one year of work experience with BBlunt and then was promoted to the post of an Advanced Stylist. In December, she got a promotion to be an Assistant Salon Manager.

The second session of the day was a panel discussion discussing the best tips and way a hair stylist can prepare and ace a competition. Our elite line up of panelists included Nikisha Bhatia of Shyam’s salon and spa; Mayank Balal of Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin Salon; Vaishali Shah of LTA A]School of Beauty; Shirin Merchant of Kut n Make Salon. The panel discussion was moderated by our editor Kanishka Ramchandani. The panelists shared their experiences, the importance of competitions, the power of networking and gave out some very useful and important advice. Catch the entire panel discussion here: https://www.facebook.com/ProfessionalBeautyIndia/videos/2328802767429321/

Day 3:
Elisha Chauhan, Licensed Instructor and Cosmetologist USA kickstarted day 3 of the Young Guns week. She started the session with a quick guide on the different types of hairstyles on different hair types and how they can be achieved on your clients. She also spoke about boho hairstyles and what they actually translate into. Elisha gave the viewers a demo on how to achieve a sleek yet bouncy and voluminous curls. The step by step guide was very useful and highly educative to the viewers.

The panel discussion on day three was a panel to discuss the secrets of nurturing and developing young talent. The panelists included Prathamesh Sawant, Classic Hair Therapy Salon; Tejas Patel, Enrich; Swati Gupta, Director and Head of Creative Development, Bodycraft; Nalini Naegamvala, Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin Salon. They spoke about the importance of education in the hairdressing industry, the education available in India and how the industry has changed over the years. Catch the the entire panel discussion here: https://www.facebook.com/ProfessionalBeautyIndia/videos/2826577894118005/

Day 4:
The first session of day 4 was with Vivek Bhatia along with Vikas Vij, Managing Director, Professional Beauty India. The two conversed on how young stylists can make a mark in the industry and pave a path for themselves. Vivek spoke about his journey and how much education means to him. He has received his training from Toni and Guy in Singapore, Vidal Sassoon Academy in London and also from Colombo. He constantly refreshes his skills by training constantly. He also has received training from Sophia Hilton. Vivek also spoke about the importance of social media and the power of networking.

The panel discussion on day four discussed back to business strategies and insights on how salons have been operating so far in the new COVID-19 world? The panelists included Ankit Arora, Olaplex India; Manjul Gupta, Bodycraft; Nitin Kalwani, Juice Salons; Kiran Bawa, Iosis; Bina Punjani, Bina Punjani Salon. Along with Vikas Vij, Managing Director, Professional Beauty India they discussed how the operations have been running in salons that have reopened. The panelists shared their first hand experiences and the learnings they have acquired after reopening the salon. Catch the the entire panel discussion here: https://www.facebook.com/ProfessionalBeautyIndia/videos/2881601201957848/

Day 5:
Chaynn Saikia, Wahl Education and artistic team member commenced the sessions on day 5. Chaynn created an exclusive video for the viewers where he demoed a step by step guide to a high fade side crop haircut. The hairstyle was very well explained and the audience highly appreciated it.

The second session of the day was with Alistan Fernandes, Advanced Stylist, BBlunt Salon; Ruchi Thakur, Hairstylist, Kromakay Salon; Dwyessh Parasnani, Top Stylist, Jean Claude Biguine. A power packed session where they discussed their journey, hardships and valuable learnings with the audience. This session was moderated by Kanishka Ramchandani, Editor, Professional Beauty India.

The last session for the day was by Savio John Pereira, Brand ambassador, Olaplex India and Bianca Hiller, Global Brand ambassador, Olaplex. Their interesting conversations were about a varied array of topics ranging from how they have been dealing with the lockdown to how the situations are in their respective cities/countries. They also spoke about their journey in the industry and broadly discussed how Bianca’s journey was from a cosmetologist to a global colourist. They also spoke about their partnership with olaplex and how it is important to support the brands you love and believe in. 
If you missed out on any sessions, catch them on our pages:

Stay tuned for lots more coming up!

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