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MakeUp Week India 2020 brought to you virtually!

by Arun Shirishkar

After the smashing success of the first edition of MakeUp Week India, Professional Beauty India team brings to you the second edition of MakeUp Week! Let’s find out how the week went by:

The lineup

Day 1
The dynamic duo Vipul Bhagat and Shamlee Bhagat kickstarted the week with a smashing makeup look straight from the runway. They shared their top tips to achieve the perfect runway makeup look whilst being subtle and sharp.


The second session of the day was with the beautiful Zorain Khaleeli. She shared her expert tips on how one can achieve the perfect impactful smokey eye look. Zorain shared the do’s and don’ts that proved to be very useful for an aspiring MUA.


The final session of the day was by Avleen Bansal from Makeup Studio Amsterdam. She gave us a demo of the art of achieving the perfect and seamless transition of colours through your entire makeup look.


Day 2
Day 2 started off with a session by the lovely Morag Steyn. She demoed a perfect and simple makeup look that can be achieved using only 5 tools and 5 makeup products. The makeup look turned out amazing and was a great learning for the audience.


Celebrity makeup artist, Clint Fernandes was on the schedule for the second session. In the conversation between Clint Fernandes and Vikas Vij, Managing Director, Professional Beauty India, they spoke about Clint’s journey and how he found his passion for makeup. They also discussed his journey of being a celebrity makeup artist and Clint also shared some very vital tips with the audience.


The final session of the day was by Sharon Knuiman of Makeup Studio Amsterdam. She gave us a demo of a bold green halo eye look along with a dewy and natural base, bold eyebrows and a nude lip. The makeup look definitely made a statement and gave the audience a chance to see the process of creating different and unique looks.


Day 3
On day 3, we had the maestro Cory Walia to get us started. Cory spoke to Kanishka Ramchandani, Editor, Professional Beauty India about building the perfect makeup kit for a makeup artist. He kept in mind the tools a MUA will need in the event of the pandemic. He told the viewers that a makeup kit in today’s time should contain of face masks, PPE kit, visor, gloves, disposables like q-tips, quick brush cleaner, tissues, etc.


The second session of the day was by Amod Joshi, who gave the viewers an expert insight on everything they need to know about the art of prosthetic makeup in India. From talking about the materials and equipment used, to which brands make the best products, Amod covered all the information anyone needed to know.


The final session of the day was with Amisha Salunkhe. This session was a big hit from the first edition of MakeUp Week India where Amisha spoke about the importance of a professional light setup while creating a makeup look.


Day 4
Day 4 began with a session with legend, Nayana Karunaratane. Nayana along with Vikas Vij, Managing Director, Professional Beauty India spoke about her journey in the industry and also about the importance of education in makeup. Education of makeup should enlighten students of the products, skin/bone structure, tools/equipment, different methods of application. Her advice for makeup artists is that they shouldn’t override their capacities.


The dashing and sensational Armand Beasley, spoke about his journey with cruelty free makeup and its importance. Armand discussed the benefits of cruelty free makeup and how one can become a cruelty free makeup artist. He also enlightened the audience regarding the identification of cruelty free makeup brands and named a few of his favourites!


Day 5
The first session of the day was by Avleen Bansal, from Makeup Studio Amsterdam. She demoed the art of airbrushed makeup and how this technique would be beneficial once the lockdown is lifted. Avleen discussed the benefits of using the airbrushing technique and how the machine can be used to achieve the best results.


The next session was by international makeup artist, Dominique Roberts. Dominique showed us a demo of the classic smokey eye. He dished out tips and tricks of achieving the perfect smokey eye look which could deliver world championship level of makeup. His skill, tips and application method definitely was a treat for the viewers!


The final session of the day was by celebrity makeup artist, Ojas Rajani. Ojas gave the viewers the ultimate guide to achieve a no-makeup-makeup look. The demo by Ojas was educative and was full of tips and advice that would help makeup artists out there achieve the same result.


Day 6
Day 6 was commemorated with a session with the super talented Vikram Gaikwad. Vikram along with Kanishka Ramchandani, Editor, Professional Beauty India discussed his journey as a MUA. They discussed his beginnings, struggles and what his biggest takeaway from the industry has been so far. They also discussed the art of prosthetics and how a makeup artist can make their way through the film industry. 


The second session of the day was with the makeup legend, Asha Hariharan. Asha Hariharan, predominantly spoke about the importance of the client brief to a makeup artist. She explained how important it is for a professional makeup artist to understand the brief well to achieve the desired result. According to Asha, the brief is a crucial aspect of creating a makeup look. 


The final session of the day was by Cheerag Bamboat. He gave the viewers a demo on how they can perfect the base of their makeup look. He stressed on the importance of having a seamless and well blended base. He also gave the viewers a demo of the beautiful completed makeup look.


Day 7
The final day of the super exciting virtual makeup week was commenced by a super popular session from the first edition of MakeUp Week. The session is with Armand Beasley, where he discusses the journey and importance of being a brand ambassador for a makeup artist.


The second session of the day is with Seema Jerajani. Seema along with Armand showed the audience the art of creating the perfect editorial hairstyle. Seema spoke about tips, tricks and how the art of hairstyling is crucial in editorials. 


The final session of virtual MakeUp Week was with Lan Nguyen. Lan along with Armand discusses the current global fashion week makeup trends. She spoke about the looks, the colour palettes and discussed the trend in length with Armand. 


If you missed out on any sessions, catch them on our pages:


Stay tuned for lots more coming up!

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