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Rediscover week 9 of #PBQuaranLive

by Arun Shirishkar

The ninth week of #PBQuaranLive was a smashing success. Payal Upase jots down the highlights of the week

We believe that a person should never stop learning, despite the pandemic! Professional Beauty India  brings the learning to you amidst the war against COVID-19. We urge you to stay at home and experience the wonders of virtual learning and education!

For week 9 of #PBQuaranLive presented by WAHL, we bring to you the “The Stylists Tool Box –  Cuts and Trims” week. We let you in on the best tips and tricks dished out by seasoned professionals. Our lineup is here to educate the viewers and give out the best advice, that will help achieve the best results!

The lineup
Day 1
Santosh Muniraj,
Creative Salon Director, Bodycraft, Bangalore commenced the sessions for day 1. Santosh has been in this industry for 15 years and has rock solid experience. He is also a certified trainer by Sasson for the past four years. Santosh gave us a haircut demo on how one can achieve the long layered look. His years of experience were clearly reflected in his skills and finesse. 

Watch the session here

Day 2
Bina Punjabi of Bina Punjabi Hair Studio, Goa conducted the first session of day 2. She gave the viewers a live demo on how they can master a pixie haircut. She used clippers by WAHL to cut the length of her model’s hair. The final result was a super chic and edgy look with longer hair that framed the model’s face in the front and short at the back.

Watch the session here

The second session of the day was by Dharmesh Hingorani aka Dodo, Co-owner, Zido Salon. Dodo’s experience and presence in the industry is very prominent and he has worked with celebrities, big brands and also on several big projects. Dodo started learning how to do cuts and professional hairdressing on women’s hair largely. However, barbering in India wasn’t being taught in depth professionally. He learnt the in’s and out’s of barbering from London School of Barbering.  Dodo is a firm believer of educating the people correctly about this industry and is passionate about doing so.

Watch the session here

Day 3
Nayana Karunaratne, Owner, Salon Nayana kick started day 3 of sessions. Nayana Ma’am showed the viewers a live demo of the IHB method of achieving a long layered haircut. IHB stands for Institute of Hairdressing and Beauticians, which provides education across Asia. The methods taught by IHB are simple, can be easily and provide great results. The haircut demo was very informative and educative. It gave the viewers a great insight and helped them learn the style of hair cut perfectly!

Watch the session here

Day 4
Gaurav Gupta, Technical Leader- West & Central, Wella Professionals conducted a session on day 4. Gaurav’s session was informing the audience on the importance of Instagram for people in the hairdressing industry. He presented the viewers with a PPT and enlightened the audience on how they can use instagram to network, connect and increase your clientele. Also, instagram is a great platform to learn about new tricks and tips for hairdressers. He also stressed on the importance of a business account, posting quality content and regular posting.

Watch the session here

The second session of the day was with Abhay Giradhar, Lead Educator, Wahl India. Abhay has been working in the industry for over two decades. A thorough professional and a team player with unmatched experience, Abhay has developed a reputation worldwide for not only making clients look beautiful, but also for providing guidance, direction and advice to the aspiring and working hair professionals  He conducted a masterclass with Wahl and gave us a live demo on how hairdressers can perfect a textured cropped haircut. He explained his technique thoroughly and gave a very informative and educative demo, which will help hairdressers perfect this haircut.

Watch the session here

Day 5
The final session for the The Stylists Tool Box –  Cuts and Trims week, presented by WAHL was by international hair artist, James Hayes. James spoke about men’s hair cuts and the international trends he has witnessed. He spoke very vividly on which trends suit which face shape and style. He also gave us a demo on how to achieve one of these trendy hairstyles. 

Watch the session here

If you missed out on any sessions, catch them on our pages:

Stay tuned for lots more coming up!

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