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Regal and classy, The Pantone Color of 2020 – Classic Blue

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The Pantone Color of the year 2020 is Classic Blue. Let’s find out its relevance and how we can add it to your makeup looks and stay on trend.

With all the announcements that come with the ending of a year, the Pantone Color of the year is the one such announcement that causes an excitement in the industry like no other. The Pantone Color of 2019 was Living Coral, which signified light heartedness, embodies playful expression and is sociable and spirited in its expression.

Stability, peace and confidence
The Pantone Color of the year for 2020 is a Classic Blue, 19-4052. The shade of blue is aimed at symbolizing protection, stability, peace, and confidence, as well as encouraging deep thinking, open mindfulness, and communication. This year Pantone has opted to characterize this Color of the Year with other sensory experiences. Classic Blue takes on a velvety texture and has the same earthy, salty scent as the ocean, as per a press release by on Pantone’s official website. The Pantone Color of the Year in 2000 was Cerulean, another neutral blue shade, so this year’s pick is quite apt and coming full circle for the end of the decade.

Classic Blue is a Color that we are used to seeing around us and has always been a big part of our surroundings. The beauty industry has always been quite adaptive and on trend in incorporating the Pantone Color in their looks and products. However this years Color, Classic Blue,
has always been a part of our vanity.

Incorporating the Classic Blue
To implement the Color of year in your makeup routine one could start with the basic staple blue eyeliner or kajal and that poppy blue mascara, to the more experimental blue smokey eyeshadows, classic blue lipsticks and the classic blue highlighter that makes you stand out in the crowd. You can incorporate The Pantone Color of the year to add a pop of Color to your basic outfit or to tie a monochromatic look together.

About The Pantone Color Institute
The Pantone Color Institute is the business unit within Pantone that highlights top seasonal runway colors, forecasts global color trends, and advises companies on color for product and brand visual identity. Through seasonal trend forecasts, color psychology, and color consulting, the Pantone Color Institute partners with global brands to leverage the power, psychology, and emotion of color in their design strategy.

Written by Payal Upase

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