Renee Melek showcased ‘Ikonic’ styles at Professional Beauty Delhi


Hairstylist Renee Melek was at Professional Beauty Delhi representing Ikonic and she created some awe-inspiring styles there.

In association with Ikonic, Renee Melek exhibited some inspiring looks at the Professional Beauty Delhi show 2019. Right from some funky Mohawk looks to an elegant pin-up blowdry, visitors thronged to the Ikonic booth to learn the tricks of the trade.

From ongoing hair trends to the highlights of the Indian salon industry, Renee had lots to share with us…

What kind of hairstyles did you create at Professional Beauty Delhi for Ikonic?
We have done some braided stuff wherein we’ve used metal carved beads. So, on Day 1 we did some funky stuff in Mohawk style and on Day 2, we did the Arabian Nights style. Another hairstyle that we did on the second day was an elegant, a pin-up blow-dry. It is a simple do but the secret is how you let it loose and keep it elegant.

What kind of response did you receive?
We received a very good response! I must say that people want to know the smallest of things. It’s not more about complicated hairstyle but of simplest things like how do you tong it, how you unwind it, how do you place that strand to make it look beautiful.

Tell us more about your salon.
As the years pass by, it gets better and better, the market is a lot more open now. There is a business for everyone and competition makes it even better. I don’t feel intimidated, I see it as an opportunity because there’s a market and a need being created. Also, with my association with Ikonic, I get to see different styles in different cities. When you step out and you see that people even want to learn a simple thing like a blow-dry, you realise that hairdressing hasn’t reached the same level everywhere.

Any plans of opening up an academy or another salon?
Not yet. I do teach in the salon and mostly I have people from the Northeast, I haven’t commercialised it yet. They are very artistic, it’s very easy for them to learn. Their academy charges them around two or three lakhs and it’s very tough for them to afford it but at the same time, they are very enthusiastic. I have a passion to help them grow. So, I want to bridge that gap within the industry. In terms of a salon, I love to have a personal relationship with my clients so with multiple salons it won’t be possible.

What are the trends in hair that you see?
Mostly it’s the Avengers that the kids come to me for. But now the focus has shifted from hair to beards. So, I feel the trends are changing. We see a lot of people following styles that cricketers post on their social media.


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