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Rock these comfy yet chic hair looks!

by Arun Shirishkar

The monsoon season brings along with it humidity and some major bad hair days. Payal Upase brings to you simple yet chic hair looks that are perfect for your at home adventures

More often than not, we end up throwing our hair into a messy bun. Sometimes it’s to keep the hair off or neck, mostly it is due to sheer frustration. A bun atop our head is more often than not, our solution for a bad hair day. Here are a few cute hairstyles that will add character to your hair and turn that bad hair day into a good one.

90’s claw clip
2 decades later, the 90’s are back and how! 90’s makeup, fashion and now even the claw clip is making a comeback. Claw clips are notoriously known for being labelled as the mom clip, but we can rock them despite your age. Just like a fashionable mom jeans uplifts your outfit, the claw clip adds a tonne of drama and volume to your hair. Simply take two sections of your hair and add a claw clip. Tug the hair at your crown slightly to add volume on top. This hairstyle takes less than 30 seconds and makes for a perfect hectic day look.

Braids all the way!
Braids truly are a girl’s bestfriend on a bad hair day! A simple twisted braid or a french one, it is stylish yet easy to do. Braid your hair and a cute scrunchie to tie it. Or if you are feeling extra cute, add ribbons through your braid to elevate the whole hairstyle. Tug at your hair slightly at your crown to add volume. You could also pluck out a few tendrils and frame your face. 

Fancy bobby pins
Fancy and bedazzled bobby pins are surely a fashion statement. These bobby pins can elevate your hairstyle on a bad hair day. Just part your hair to your preferred side and add the bobby pins to secure the hair. Brush the hair out to get rid of knots. You could also add some dry shampoo at the roots to get rid of the grime. This is sure to add the bling you need to get through your day!

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