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Salon essentials that owners need to invest in!

by Arun Shirishkar

Salons owners have to ensure to take the needful measures to maintain a safe, hygienic and sanitary environment for their clients once the lockdown is lifted. Payal Upase lists down a few things that you as salon owners should invest in right away

Housekeeping staff
Your housekeeping staff needs to go through rigorous training. You need to ensure they are following all the required guidelines and also abiding by them. You need to invest your time in training them correctly and by also hiring additional staff if required. Your salon will need to be disinfected every few hours once it resumes work. Your housekeeping staff in this case is your biggest asset.

Disinfecting supplies
All your equipment and surfaces need to be disinfected frequently. This means you will need a lot of disinfecting supplies at your disposal. RIght now is the best time to stock up on sanitizer, surface disinfectants and sanitizing machines to stay ahead and be prepared.

Alter your decor
Now is the best time to decide how you can change your decor efficiently to incorporate the new guidelines and make it a safer environment. Decide on spots where you can place sanitizer dispensers for easy access. You will also need to rearrange your chairs in a manner where social distancing norms are abided to. These few changes will make a world of a difference and ensure the safety of your clients.

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