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Samantha Kochhar reveals A/W 2018 make-up trends

by Arun Shirishkar

At a one-day educational seminar, Samantha Kocchar, Managing Director, Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies, presented an eclectic mix of mane and make-up styles for the festive season.

Dr Blossom Kochhar, Chairperson, Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies along with Samantha Kochhar, conducted an exclusive look and learn seminar for over 200 beauty and hair professionals in Delhi. The duo showcased the latest in skincare, hairstyle and makeup trends for the forthcoming festive season. Here’s an exclusive interaction with Samantha on the looks and styles showcased at the seminar.

Who was the target audience for the look and learn show?

The audience consisted of professionals who use Aroma Magic products at their salons and spas. The brand has a strong foothold in Delhi and most of them have been associated with us for 20+ years in learning about new techniques and trends. The show was about translating festive trends and styles in a wearable format.

Currently, we have initiated work for fall-winter looks. The plan is to start with Kolkata and then move on to the South India. We aim to go pan-India in the months to follow.

What were the looks all about?

I began by translating Fall-Winter trends and made them milder and more wearable. Currently, we are talking about the crease line fashion that is upcoming, where we use bright colours on the cease lines — a graphic kind of cease line. Cease lines are back in fashion! We discussed extensively about colours that are back in trend for make-up.

Which are the top trends for the season?

This year, we have subtle avant-garde fashion looks, which will have bright colours as s predominant element. Apart from this runway make up look, abstract minimalistic looks with aqua and hot pink as dominant colours will be in trend for make up. Clean looks with retro double eyeliner and a little sparkle of silver elements on the eyes with zircons on top will be the talk of the season. Hair trends include big buns, which have voluminous big hair styles in fashion, along with finger waves and braids.

What kind of colours are in trend?

Blues and violets are back in fashion — specifically, pink violet is back in fashion, so is electric blue,orange and yellow for eyeshadows – but ultimately, technique is what matters and how you use them. Lips – the outline is very important – this season line. Silhouette is very important – the line of the lip and centre of the lip having more denser pigments. Marilyn Monroe is back in fashion with no eyeshadow and red lips. If you wish to go extreme, glitter is back and how, not like how chunky glitter on the lips — but how I translate it back into more wearable and classy form!

What is the right way of wearing glitter?

Honestly, there are a lot of glitter products that have come into the market. Earlier, we used to have just powder glitter. Today, there are so many variants that are in trend!

You need not necessarily go for expensive solutions. Instead, you can use a glitter (mixed with a gloss), and just chunk it up on your eyelids and lips.

What would be your exclusive hack for bridal make-up artists?

When I started make-up, there were only a handful of people and over time I have seen some of the most phenomenal make-up artists and their work. The only thing to remember is to create breathable make-up. You should bring out the beauty of that face rather just morphing it into something ugly. You can destroy a beautiful face by over doing it.

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