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Sanitize and declutter that makeup cabinet!

by Arun Shirishkar

All us makeup lovers find it difficult to keep our every growing makeup cabinet in check. Payal Upase is here with a few tips and tricks to help us do just that

We are all trying to make the most for this extra free time while on a lockdown. One of the best things would be to purge your makeup cabinet and get rid of all the makeup you don’t need and organize your makeup into compartments. Here are a few tips that will help you sort through your makeup better.

Refrain from ordering new makeup
Every site has some type of sale going on right now. The temptation of ordering new makeup is more than ever right now. However, we need to refrain from doing so temporarily. Buying a couple of makeup items every few days will lead to a huge accumulation of products by the end of the lockdown. Sort through all the makeup at first and then order things you absolutely need after things have settled down.

Sanitize your lipsticks
It is safer to avoid sharing makeup products for a while now. However, we have shared lipsticks amongst our peers and family the most. To take that extra precautionary step is the wise thing to do right now. Sanitize your lipsticks by dipping the tips of your lipstick in rubbing alcohol. This will help disinfect your lipstick and help you stay as safe as possible.

Dispose that palette from 2015!
Since makeup is so expensive, we tend to ignore that makeup also has an expiry date. Expired makeup can be harmful for our body at all times. However, it is more risky now than ever. Expired makeup has a higher chance of contamination and may cause an infection of some sort. Ideally, your mascara tube needs to be disposed off every three months as your eyes are very sensitive. Foundation has a life of 1-1.5 years after it has been opened. In a sensitive situation like right now, when we are very susceptible to infections. It would be ideal to let go of all the makeup you have been hoarding for years now and declutter your makeup cabinet fully.

Wash your brushes
Your makeup brushes and sponges come in contact with makeup, the bacteria that may be on your skin and also to the environment around. Now would be the right time to disinfect and wash all those makeup brushes. You can use rubbing alcohol to disinfect your brushes and make them as good as new!

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