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Save Salon India Campaign

by Arun Shirishkar

The Save Salon India Campaign, has been launched by 3 crore salon and beauty professionals to help them get through the tough time the pandemic has brought upon them

The beauty and wellness industry has applied to the central government for a customized package to get rid of their financial crises through the Save Salon India Campaign. Around 3 crore salon and beauty professionals and 170 beauty associations across the country have come together and launched the Save Salon India Campaign. 

Motive behind the campaign
Salon professionals are using this campaign to appeal to the central government to customize packages to get past their financial crises. With the beginning of COVID-19 in March 2020, the country went under lockdown which in turn collapsed the economy of the country and individual business. Salons were shut since March 2020 due to nationwide lockdown. However, with proper restrictions and health and safety guidelines, they have reopened in a few states in the second half of June.

Financial loss
Inspite, of all this, they are still unable to meet the financial loss which was incurred during the lockdown period. Salon professionals had requested the government to grant them relief in shop rents, electricity bills, postponement of bank loans, an extension for paying GST, etc but are yet to hear the final decision from the authorities.

Unfortunate news
In the interim, 12 youths from the industry have committed suicide in the last four months due to mental pressure of unemployment and desperation to earn money. As a result, this industry, 80 percent of which is still under the unorganized sector has come together and asked for PM intervention for finding an appropriate solution.

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